Rance? Good name! It makes you sound strong.
Yeah... Or really, there's a kind of person I like... I'm biased in that sense...
You've got a really broad range of interests when it comes to girls, Rance... I'm not interested in her, so go ahead and do what you like.
Unfortunately, I'm not that talented. I don't think I would've told you about my ideal woman otherwise.
Hmmm... Not quite... She's not as strong or determined as she thinks she is.
No, change is nice. More fun when something's happening than when nothing is. Whether it's good or bad... Don't you agree?
... Guess she hates me now...
About 80 years ago, there was a big war. They talk about it in textbooks, right? The destruction of the Maazel Line in GI940. I participated in that attack. Since I'm Ms. Camilla's apostle, I fought on the Monster Army's side. Except, well... I don't remember the exact details about what happened, but... In any case, it seems like I suffered an injury that made me lose my memory around then. Eventually I was able to move again... I didn't know what to do after that, so I decided to live in a human city. But I couldn't settle anywhere for too long, so I ended up wandering from town to town. Apostles don't age. If I lived in the same place for decades, people would wonder why I wasn't getting any older, right? I even thought it was some curse or illness, and maybe somebody, somewhere could cure it. That's another reason I decided to become a wanderer. So... At some point while I was wandering, I realized what I was really searching for. More important than someone who could cure me, or someone who knew who I was. I was looking for a certain woman. A glamorous woman as cold and strong as steel, as flexible as a whip, who wouldn't lose to anything. That woman was Ms. Camilla. Even with my memories gone, she must have remained somewhere in my mind. But I had no way to know it was her I was thinking of. Because of the memory loss, you know. I decided that my unaging body would actually be useful for this goal, and set off to find my ideal woman. Then I met a few women who were close to my ideal. They all broke down after such minor things, though... Each time ended in disappointment. Then I'd set off anticipating the next encounter.
I just told you this, but Ms. Camilla is everything to me. Just seeing her face and hearing her voice brought my memory back... That's how important she is. And that means you have to die. Ms. Camilla wishes for your demise.
I'd say I hope we could still be friends... But that won't happen now, will it?
See you later, Rance. I'll come to take your life soon enough. Look forward to it, please!
Hmmm... Man... I can't even win this way...
Rizna's great, too, but... You're even better, Urza. I never thought you would recover to this extent... Yes... This is the you I wanted to serve. I may love you the most of any human.
Ouch... Hm... Is Rance really human...? He shouldn't be able to beat down on an apostle like this.
I love talking to smart girls. It speeds things up so much.
During my search, I met a number of appealing women. Including you two... There were seven or... Eight, I think?
Heheh... I'd love you if you were a woman. What test would I give to you? Just thinking about it makes me excited. Heheh... Don't worry, I'm straight.
Was Ms. Camilla always this way? I mean I knew she liked me and Shichisei, but did just losing an apostle always make her so.... Weak?
Heheh... Even now, you have your appeal. You were a sweet, cheery girl before I gave you Nomicon, but... Now you have the beauty of a venus flytrap. I can appreciate that. Would you like to work for me?
You are attractive, but... Even still, you never overcame my trial. I have no business with failures. Only women who can overcome my trials are of any interest to me. Meaning... I don't need you.
I was thinking I'd take a page from your book. I realized I was wrong to expect one girl to be perfect. The hurdle for my ideal is just too high. With that in mind I decided to lower it. If I collect lots of girls with at least one attractive point... I'll effectively achieve my ideals. Such is my current approach.
Among humans, you seem to be the one most likely to pull that off. That's why I'm taking you out of the picture before it's too late. And then I can take all of your excellent girls for myself. Maria, inventor of one-of-a-kind weaponry, Caloria, the last living insect user... And the three who overcame my trials, Urza, Papaya... And Rizna. Among others... All lovely, attractive girls.
... Guh....... What...?... What are you... Smiling about...?..... Daniel...... Shall we go on... Another... Journey...?... Maybe we can... Go somewhere... You want... This... Time........heh...heheh....

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