Agni Pushan
Japanese アグニ・プーシャン
Romanization Aguni Pūshan
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Aeris#Indiacurry

Agni Pushan (Hindu language: अग्नि पूषण् [Agni Pūṣan])


Possibly inspired of Agni (अग्नि) and Pushan (पूषण्) (Agni itself means "fire").


Recruitment: After capturing Indocurry, do his first event. Then after you've done Clione's up to her 5th event, talk to Agni again to recruit.

Command Points: 300 (330)

Skill: None at the begining

Radar +10%
Missile +10%
Cannon +10%
  • Growth Rate +6%
  • Don't try to clear the character until get Zaffron's miracle
  • Clear all the events of Agni unlock the Ass-Attack that rise power by +20% against women

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