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Brief description Edit

This wiki covers:

  • guides on how to play various AliceSoft games ("manuals")
  • guides on how to beat AliceSoft games ("walkthroughs")
  • information on the world and people appearing in AliceSoft games.
  • miscellaneous information related to AliceSoft.

Key points of interest Edit

Delegations Edit

Some content don't quite fit within the scope of this wiki. Please use the following wikis for such content.

Content Wiki Notes
Japanese info on the World of Rance ひつじ小屋別館 No wiki-node; Main website is ひつじ小屋
Japanese info on AliceSoft games アリスまとめ Blocks US IP addresses, requires proxy to access; No wiki-node
Info on Japanese culture/references Wikipedia wikipedia:Culture of Japan
Strategy guides on non-AliceSoft games StrategyWiki
General encyclopedia info on non-AliceSoft games Encyclopedia Gamia no wiki-node yet

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