Alice Senki 2
arisu senki 2
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand Alice Soft
Release date 2008/28/12
Genre / Rating Fighting / 18+
Base price 2000
Voice Yes

About Edit

Alice Senki 2 is a 2D fighting game for PC only available in Japan published by Yumeno Tsuzuki on the 28th of December, 2008. It is the sequel of the 2003 game of the same name, and is a crossover fighter featuring 17 different characters from the Alicesoft games, such as the Rance Series, Escalayer, Dai Series, etc. It plays like a traditional fighting game with the fighters using combos, air dash and Special attacks, some of which summon other characters from their series. It has two game modes, a classic 1 player storyline mode with ending CG and a 2 player versus mode.

Characters Edit

Outside of its soundtrack, Alice Senki 2 is most notable for its wide array of characters which include:

Rance Series Edit

Toushin Toshi 2 Edit

Dai SeriesEdit

Beat Series Edit


Only You Edit

Atlach-Nacha Edit


Odou YuushaEdit

Kaeru nyo Panyon Edit

Prostudent G Edit

Cameo Apperances and Special FightersEdit

Rance SeriesEdit

Demon King Rance (secret fighter, with Satella and Caesar as support)

Kentarou Ogawa (cameo)

Hanty Kalar (cameo)

Milli Yorks (cameo)

Mill Yorks (cameo)

Eleanor Ran (cameo)

Toushin Toshi 2 Edit

Hazuki Mizuhara (cameo)

Dai Series Edit

Yamamoto Akuji (cameo)

Mamatoto Edit

Nalzgeis (secret fighter)

Nanas Alphoria (cameo)

Only You Edit

Magami Yuuji (cameo)

Odou YuushaEdit

Zanba (cameo)

Prostudent G Edit

Goro Endou (cameo)

Marimo Akanko (cameo)