Alice Vocal Collection is a CD + DVD combination, taking theme music from various past Alice Soft games, rearrange and adding vocal parts to them.

The DVD contains videos originally shown on Nico Nico for a limited amount of time featuring the arranged music.

Track list Edit

  1. Going on ver1.01 (Atlach-Nacha)
  2. Running to the straignt ver1.01 (Mamatoto)
  3. Guardian of engagement (Pastel Chime)
  4. Red tint (Atlach-Nacha)
  5. The blue moon (Yorugakuru)
  6. Sword of colors (Toushin Toshi 3)
  7. The crossed destiny (Only You - Recross)
  8. Raged core-beat ver1.01 (Only You - Recross)
  9. Interval of live and death (Pastel Chime)
  10. Mars (Sengoku Rance)
  11. Lady go! go! (HASHABY BABY)
  12. How look of the sky? (HASHABY BABY)
  13. say your prayer - alivo ver.- (Shaman's Sanctuary)

Previews Edit

All Songs preview movie (nico nico) Edit

Promotional Movie (youtube) Edit

frame|left|Official promotion movie

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