Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 04 cover


  1. Dash! To Truth \~Short version~
  2. Make me funky!
  3. Advance~i, ii~
  4. Dash! To Battle~i, ii~
  5. Confront the enemy~i, ii~
  6. Short Loops i
  7. Sensouji in P.G.G~P.G.G
  8. Transilvania
  9. Golokuin
  10. Terrible Beat~i, ii, iii, iv~
  11. Short Loops ii
  12. Lovers Time~i, ii~
  13. Comical?
  14. Short Loops iii
  15. Holly Frame
  16. Scal Serpent
  17. Big Bang Age
  18. Kamui~i, ii, iii, iv(The Last Battle)~
  19. Take me to the another world
  20. Dash To Truth~Unplugged, Full version~

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