Vol. 09 - Tsumashibori Edit

Vol 09 is coded "ASS-014". The music is composed and arranged by Shade and NEY.

The CD insert has four pages. The cover page is the package image. Inside, the left page has greetings from NEY, and has the image of the living room, the bath (sunset version), and the front doorway as the background. The right inside plage lists the staff who worked on the sound album, and has Sakura with umbrella in the snow as well as laying on the knees of Madoka as illustrating image. The back of the insert is the track listings, and uses Ritsuko as the background image.

The CD itself again uses the package image.

Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 09 cover

(c)アリスソフト Front cover

Track listings:

  1. Sweet Beginning
  2. In the Room
  3. Moving on the Street
  4. Coffee Break
  5. Date Weather
  8. Repeating Air
  9. Passing Days
  10. Sweet Pain
  11. Sorrow Half-moon
  12. Japanese Dress
  13. RUMINA
  14. Whatever You Want to
  15. ..??
  16. Rosy Man 2006
  17. Bland New Smile
  18. Threatening
  19. Unknown Men Emerge
  20. Carried Out
  21. Healing
  22. Fatal Moment
  23. Slow Time
  24. Life is Beautiful
  25. Staffroll~tuma sibori~
  26. and After~tuma sibori~

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