Vol. 10 - Sengoku Rance Edit

Vol 10 is coded "ASS-015". The music is composed and arranged by Shade.

Alicesoft Sound Album Vol. 10 cover


The CD insert has four pages. The cover page is the package image. Inside, the left page has greetings from Shade, and has the image of Oda Nobunaga as the background. The right inside plage lists the staff who worked on the sound album, and used Yamamoto Isoroku as the background image. The back of the insert is the track listings, and uses Kurusu Miki as the background image.

On the CD itself are the images of Sill and Princess Kou.

Track listing:

  1. Title
  2. Sengoku Rance
  3. Turn Top
  4. Sengoku World
  5. Brutal man's daily life
  6. In the piazza
  7. Gyorui Banzai!!
  8. A-i-ya-
  9. My Glourious Days
  10. My Glourious Days (v2)
  11. Advance On
  12. Drive back the enemy!
  13. Slapping Fight
  14. Dungeon
  15. Unrest
  16. Delayed Silence
  17. Religion
  18. Dignity
  19. Panic!!
  20. Soul Binder
  21. Sensitive atmosphere
  22. A calmly wind
  23. Lamentation
  24. Mars
  25. Sengoku World (v2)
  26. Advance On (v2)
  27. Ontlogy
  28. Drivin' to the dead
  29. Rebirth the edge
  30. The terribler
  31. Ending
  32. Theme of Sill - orgole -

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