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General Information

Major characters Edit

  • Shinza Kai (神座 骸) - Main protagonist of the story. Wielder of the positive Kusanagi.
  • Takekawa Ibara (竹河 いばら) - Childhood friend of Kai and Dolly. Cheerful girl in the past but now is quiet and indifferent.
  • Takekawa Fuyou (竹河 芙蓉) - Older brother of Ibara. Skilled in swordsmanship.
  • Dolly (ドリー) - Childhood friend of Kai and Ibara. Wields the pistol 99.9999999999-Twelve/Nine-
  • Nanbara Zuichou (楠原 瑞鳥) - Weaponsmith
  • Nanbara Yuzuki (楠原 柚希) - Granddaughter of Zuichou
  • Sunya Bristol (スンヤ・ブリストル) -
  • Licorice (リコリス) -
  • Rondo (輪舞) -
  • Midou Goubaku (御堂 轟駁) -
  • Suzumoto Mone (鈴本 百音) -
  • Zukutetsu (銑鉄) -
  • Beryl (ベリル) -
  • Katsuragi Kira (桂木 綺羅) - Wielder of the negative Kusanagi

Minor characters Edit

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