In the wide and infinite array of dimensions that exists in the entire plane of existance, there are many worlds separated from each other and completely independant. It is unknown exactly how these worlds are separated, but in order to access to such dimensions a God-like level of power or technology is required.

There are some cases in which living organisms might slip from one universe to another, and they might even start living in their newfound world if they feel like it. 

In The Continent, races or people from different worlds have arrived through different means, and some have also been capable of travelling to other dimensions as well, although only a handful few of legendary status were shown to be able of acomplishing such a task. None of these worlds were created by Ludo-Rathowm, neither he nor the Gods observe this dimensions either. In The Continent, Miracle Tou and Dark Lord Burksham are the only known individuals that were able to perform this ability. According to Crook Mofus, usually, only High-Ranked Gods and Demon Kings are able to open a gate to another dimension.

There's also four beings called Parasitic Spirits that continuosly move through many dimensions and are completely unkillable. Not much is known about their origin but they are incredibly powerful creatures. The most commonly seen in Alicesoft games is Gunagan.

Other WorldsEdit

Dimension 3E2/"Steel Horror" (unofficial name)Edit

The World from where Miki Kurusu and Kentarou Ogawa came, forcibly brought by Dark Lord Burksham. It's a very different world to The Continent that resembles modern real-life Japan a lot, but not much is known about it. Weapons of Mass Destruction have been developed and it seems to be in a state of war. Miracle stated that the technology of this world is capable of eradicating all life from The Continent. It is revealed in Rance X that this is the world Miki and Kentarou came from.

Dimension 3FBEdit

Another dimension that resembles a lot to real-life world, with human civilization a lot more technologically advanced to the one from The Continent. Seems to be pretty similar to 3E2. Internet and streams exist and is prominent in people's lives. A Return Daemon sent Rance and Kanami here for a short period of time during the events of Rance 03

Kaiju WorldEdit

A world inhabited only by monsters and a race of lizard-like people called Kaiju. It is a peaceful utopian world with no conflicts and with its people united. The ultimate ruler of this world is the Kaiju King, a benevolent king greatly admired by everyone.

They have unbelievable technology, to the point they can use it to travel to other dimensions with ease. Kaiju slip to The Continent and other worlds in order to fight for monsters' rights.

Sumo WorldEdit

A different dimension where the Sumo live. Through unknown means, some of them are capable of arriving to The Continent and, possibly, to other worlds as well.

"Saurus Mall" (unofficial name)Edit

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It seems to be a world where Dinasours are the dominant species. Possibly a 3XX dimension that is still in an ancient era, or where dinasours never went extinct.

"Slow Giant" (unofficial name)Edit

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. A destroyed and apocalyptic world incapable of holding life, with the sole exception of a Great Giant.

"Crazy Plant" (unofficial name)Edit

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It is a dimension where vegetation is extremely prominent and dominates the world, holding sentience and rational thinking. 

"Poly Poly One" (unofficial name)Edit

A world discovered by Miracle Tou, who named it herself. It is a strange white world filled with Poly Monsters. It is used to train the El Party to fight Rance.

Genbu CastleEdit

A pocket dimension created by the Apostle Genbu in his personal castle. It is a strange and abnormal dimension where regular rules of reality don't apply. It is very small when compared to actual worlds, but still an impressive work.

Annis's Wonder MazeEdit

An alter-dimension created by the absurdly powerful mage, Annis Sawatari.

Dimension between Space and TimeEdit

A dimension that exists between the realms of space and time, where Demon King Gele was sealed with a powerful spell used by Gi, with the Corrupted Sword Chaos as a catalyst.

It is a void dimension with absolute nothingness, and escape from it is impossible even for a Demon King.