And then, To the Royal Path!! is the 4th and final episode of the Rance 01 OVA.

It first aired in June the 24th, 2016. The episode was the finale of Rance's first adventure in his search for the missing noble girl Hikari Mi Blanc in the hentai adaptation of the 2013 remake Rance 01.

The climax of the incident of the mysterious dissappearance of Hikari in the very castle of the Leazas Capital, Rance struggles against his most formidable opponent yet.


(to be completed)


Main CharactersEdit




During the credits scene, many characters from the Rance Series make short cameo appearances:


  • Haini Gold also makes a cameo appearance in the scene where Keith grants Rance the reward for completing the job.
  • During the chase of Lia in the Ova, Rance is assisted by many of the fighters of the Coliseum and some other characters like Millie Lincle and Menad Shisei. In the original game this wasn't the case, as it was just him and Sill.
  • Curiously, Jean Gyanban 2nd is absent among the coliseum fighters that assist Rance during the final battle, despite avoiding his death from the original game though it is possible rance killed him off-screen.
  • My Glorious Days plays over the credits sequence rather than during Lia's H scene as it was during the game.
  • In the cameos, characters from every major human country make appearance with the exception of the Kingdom of Zeth for some reason.

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