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Anokia Moemoe Slin
Japanese アノキア・モエモエ・スリン
Romanization anokia moemoe surin
Race Ghost
Age / Birth 211 / GI808
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Class Queen
World The Continent
Affiliation Moemoe Kingdom, Zeth
Appeared in Rance VI

About Edit

Anokia Moemoe Slin was the last queen of the Moemoe Kingdom, a small country that used to border Zeth. The two nations had a violent war which Moemoe eventually lost, with Zeth history books remembering Anokia as a ruthless and cruel ruler who killed 100,000 Zeth citizens, and to punish her for her crimes she was sealed away by powerful magic and eternal guards in an underground cemetery in Zeth.

However when an earthquake weakened the seal, her voice could faintly be heard by the villagers nearby who started to fear her return, and Ice Flame eventually dispatched its Green Corps to deal with the ghost. But as she pleaded for her release to Rance, he decided that she was quite cute, he ended up destroying the seal completely instead, freeing her from the tomb despite his team's complaints.

As it turns out, Anokia's story was deformed by Zeth's propaganda, as far from a cruel and merciless queen, Anokia was a rather kind ruler whose only crime was trying to stop Zeth's expansionist ambitions toward her country (and failing). Though she was still bitter about Zeth, she decided to forgo vengeance as her country was long gone, and after thanking Rance her ghost finally left the mortal plane.


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