Ah...uh, um...Let's charge...everyone...

—Arlcoate, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A natural swordswoman that graduated from the Girl's Military Academy.

Her extremely cautious way of fighting would be best considered to shine in defensive battles.

Due to her lack of courage, she can't execute bold strategies, but her tactical ability is extremely high.


  • Choose her over Rafalia Musca after the Girl Officer School's final exam event. You will be able to recruit Rafalia after 20 turns have passed.


"A timid girl that graduated from the Girl's Military Academy and became my subordinate.

She doesn't seem to have any self-confidence, and she's always nervous. I should love her and give her some confidence." -Rance


  • If you speak to her 4 times before calling her in the harem her Strategy chance will raise to 80%,when you do call her in the harem later she will get her happy ending. If you call her in the harem before speaking to her first she will get her unhappy ending and her stats will drop, making her useless for battles.