Asai Asakura House
Sengoku Rance - Asakura banner

(c)アリスソフト The triple concentric circles to the left is the crest of the Asai Asakura House.

Sengoku Rance - Texas

Asai Asakura influence, early LP0005.

  • Leader - Asakura Yoshikage
  • Principle - Bloodlessly unify JAPAN through mergers
  • Military strength - 2/5 (Bushis centered around the Eight Asakura Brothers)
  • Territory - Texas

Originally just a local minor noble house, it avoided fighting and instead used negotiation to merge with neighboring powers, eventually managed to have a merger with the strongest power in its area, the Asai House, and changed the name of the house to "AsaiAsakura".

It's goal is to continue merging without fighting, and eventually unifying the entirety of JAPAN.

Appears in: Sengoku Rance

Key characters Edit

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