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They say that there's five people in the world who look just like you!
Japanese オーロラ
Romanization ōrora
Race Lycanthrope(former)
Sex Female
Class Apostle
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction, Sieg
Appeared in Rance VI, Rance Quest
Mentioned in Rance IX


Aurora is the clumsy but loyal Apostle of Dark Lord Sieg. Prior to her transformation she was a Lycanthrope, a type of Gal Monster noted for the ability to virtually instantly change their outfits and cosmetic appearance, though their basic physionomy does not change.

With this power and her human appearance, Aurora has become a specialist of espionage and infiltration of the human countries of The Continent on behalf of her master.

As the Monster Realm was preparing an invasion of Zeth, she was assigned to infiltrate the country and use her abilities to investigate its structure, disable the Maginot Line and bring as much chaos and destruction to facilitate the invasion.

To achieve those goals, she infiltrated the extremist resistance group Pentagon as one of its 8 knights under the name of Pompadour (ポンパドール, ponpadōru), while also acting as the mail girl keeping up communications between another resistance, Ice Flame and its allies, as well as being a cleaning girl assigned to King Gandhi's room. In those roles she managed to discover the existence of the Mana Batteries powering the Maginot Line, and subtly convinced her superior in Pentagon Nelson Server to destroy the batteries, the better to execute a coup on the Zeth government.

Later on, she helped Pentagon convince Rance of Ice Flame to join their plot in destroying the Batteries, and as the plan was underway she destroyed all communication between Urza and her associates, all the while relaying her progress to Sieg. Eventually the destruction of the batteries caused civil chaos and the shutdown of the Maginot line, allowing the Monster Invasion to commence.


Aurora can only watch as Sieg is slain

During the Invasion Aurora returned to her master's side, assisting him as an apostle. Eventually she relayed Sieg's challenge to Rance and his group, even as she warned him to be wary of Rance. Her assistance did not save him however, and Sieg was crushed and turned into a blood soul before her eyes.

She eventually managed to infiltrate a Zeth base and retrieve Sieg's blood soul, however she was caught by Abert, who promptly swallowed the blood soul and became a Dark Lord himself and Aurora's superior much to her horror. However she quickly betrayed him to Rance's group, and ever since his destruction she has been searching for a way to bring back her old master Sieg.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Aurora has the appearance of a young slim redheaded girl with a fairly small bust.

She is a occasionally air-headed and clumsy, and will fairly easily panick when in a unexpected situation, and Sieg will usually try to make her act more dignified. Even though her powers only change her outfits and cosmetics, she is completely convinced she is "unrecognizable" when she changes.

However, she is utterly dedicated to her mission and her master Sieg, deeming him to be "the coolest" and treating him much like a father figure she desperately wants to please. Probably because of her being a former Gal Monster, she was very attracted to Sieg while considered that Camilla's handsome apostles were quite ugly.


Since she's an Apostle and former Gal Monster, her fighting abilities are above an average human as she was able to defeat some of the guards protecting Sieg's blood souls, however her exact fighting abilities are unknown, though they are assumed to be fairly low for an Apostle as she preferred to flee than fight.  However she has a good talent for general espionage, using her amazing travel speed and disguise abilities to lead missions of intel gathering, sabotage and general espionage. She has shown to be fairly adept at manipulation, easily convincing Pentagon to act exactly as she wanted them to, and phrasing her questions to subtly probe those around her for information. During her time in Zeth, only the talented Kaoru was ever wary of her activities, and her disguises surprisingly fooled most people, though Rance's lewd gaze did realise that Pompadour was suspiciously familiar, though he never finished the connection.

Despite those decent abilities, Kaoru managed to beat her in speed on multiple occasions, and her tendency for clumsiness has made her so far unable to restore Sieg.



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