Battling Centers
Japanese バッティング・センターズ
Romanization batteingu sentaazu
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Temple Knight
World The Continent
Affiliation AL Church
Appeared in Rance Quest

About Edit

Battling Centers is a man holding one of the highest positions of the AL Church, being the commander of the Temple Knights, which is the official military of the Church dedicated to fight in the name of God and protect the Pope and Bishops. He's usually nicknamed BS.

He's the father of Sachiko Centers, but she and his wife are not aware of his position as a Temple Knight, which he kept secret in order to avoid worrying them. 

Boasting command over one of the mightiest armies in The Continent grant him great power and influence. His most important duty is the protection of the Pope, currently serving as the Guard for Crook Mofus.

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