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Big Bang Age Conquest will be divided into three chapters. Those are

1. School Chapter

2. District Chapter

3. National Chapter

Firstly, the legends:

- CP = Controlling Power

- ☆ = Important Event

- .... = Next Event

School Chapter Edit

Area OverviewEdit

Time Limit: 25 turns

As a start, the party members are:

Zanma Rouga 斬真 狼牙) -> our hero,

Hibiki Sanae (日比生 咲苗),

Jinnai Heita (陣内 兵太), and

Naruse Yuuki (成瀬 有紀).

At the beginning, only your base on 3F, 2F, and the rooftop are accessible for your unit deployment phase. Once you suppress (control) 2F, the next territory will be available. For the territory phase, you can check whatever area you want to.


Rooftop CP 1:

Useful Cube (四角くて便利よん)

☆The Rooftop Girls; trigger this for...

☆The Rooftop Girls2

3F CP 2:

3F Classroom

☆Library (Borrow Book); trigger this and you can access...

☆Library (Return Book)

Find an ally (generic schoolboy/girl to who will fight with you)

2F CP 2:

2F Classroom

Science Room (理科教室)

☆Archery Girl

The Rumored Pervert Teacher

Find an ally

1F CP 2:

1F Classroom

☆Mysterious Doctor

Find an ally

Entrance (玄関) CP 1:

Shoe Box

Flower Bed

Cultural Building (文化棟) CP 3:

Occult Research Club

Housing Field Room

Ground CP 4:


Incinerator (焼き場)

☆Incident in the Shed

Pool CP 2:

☆Incident in the Locker Room

Gym CP 3:

☆Kendo Girl

Gymnasium CP 3:

Boxing Club

Ping-Pong Club

Find an Ally

Executive Room CP 4:

☆Decisive Battle vs. Yamizaki Akito (闇崎アキト)

(Executive Room will be opened automatically once you have the ID card from Yamamoto Burai (山本 無頼), i.e. you have controlled the Gymnasium)


Steps needs to be taken in this chapter, particularly in territory phase, if there is another phase then it will be mentioned first.

>>> Rooftop > Useful Cube (四角くて便利よん) -> Go here to get the Useful Cube' item, which marks important event triggers with a star.

>>> Rooftop > ☆The Rooftop Girls

....Rooftop > ☆The Rooftop Girls 2 -> trigggers a Deathmatch with the Miyazato Gang (宮里軍団).

The Miyazato Gang will join you:
Miyazato Erika (宮里 絵梨花)
Shorko (ショーコ)
Saki (サキ)
  • Note that if you recruit them, you cannot recruit Nakanishi Kendo (中西 剣道) and Nakanishi Kyudo (中西 弓道).
Rouga the Gofer end (狼牙パシリエンド); this is your first (bad) ending.

>>> 2F > ☆Archery Girl

....Gymnasium > ☆Kendou Girl -> Recruit Nakanishi Kendo (中西 剣道).

.... ....2F > ☆Archery Girl -> Recruit Nakanishi Kyudo (中西 弓道).

:*Note that if you recruit them, you cannot recruit Miyazato Erika (宮里 絵梨花), Shorko (ショーコ) or Saki (サキ).

>>> 1F > ☆Mysterious Doctor: trigger twice to recruit Francine Yamabuki (フランシーヌ山吹)

>>> 1F > ☆Mysterious Doctor: trigger once, then ....2F > ☆The Rumored Pervert Teacher to recruit Ijuuin Tamari (伊集院 玉利).

  • If you recruit Francine, you cannot recruit Tamari, and vice versa.

>>> Entrance > unit deployment phase Station your units there.

....Ground > ☆Incident in the Shed > trigger it to save and recruit Negishi Nanana (根岸 ななな).

>>> Ground > unit deployment phase Station your units there.

....Pool > ☆Incident in the Locker Room > trigger it to save and recruit Doumoto Mizuki (堂本 瑞貴).

  • You can only save one of them per playthrough, so you must choose between Nanana and Mizuki. You will unlock an Hscene and CG for the one you didn't save.

After you take control of the Ground, Zanma Gou (斬真 豪) and Tenrou Kunagi (天楼 久那妓) will show up and join your party.

>>> Station your party in the Cultural Building and defeat Tsukiyomi Kinako (月読 きなこ) to recruit her.

>>> Station your party in the Gym and defeat Yamamoto Burai (山本 無頼) to recruit him.

  • You can only recruit one of them per playthrough; the one you defeat first will join you. Note that you chose Kinako, you must defeat Burai anyway to gain access to Akito (the boss).

>>> 3F > ☆Library (Borrow Book) : prequisite to get Hariyama Shimiko (針山 紙魚子) later during the National Chapter.

.... 3F > Library (Return Book) : prequsite to get Shirayuri Sayuri (白百合小百合) later during the National Chapter.

  • You can only get one of them per playthrough. If you want Shimiko, you should check out the book and never return it. Check it out and then return it to get Sayuri later on.

>>> Executive Room > ☆Decisive Battle: This is it, the school's banchou Yamizaki Akito (闇崎アキト), whom you will fight.


School Chapter Ends.

District Chapter Edit

Time Limit 25 turns

-New Characters-

  • Senna - joins at the start of the chapter 
  • Kakuri Jun - Must be captured while fighting him in Kongoumaru territory
  • Mitsuhiro Nikaido - Must be captured while fighting him in Kongoumaru territory
  • Zakimura Ryuuji - Must be captured while fighting him in Idagawa territory
  • Hitani Mario - Must be captured in Idagawa territory. See chapter events.
  • Senpuuji Kyouko - Trigger the event "Kyouko Appears (旋風寺京子現れる)" in Tiyoda (千夜堕区) after turn 7. You must suppress the area first.
  • Kongoumaru Aya - She will be captured by Ren's gang on turn 10. Suppress Suginami/Kanami (過浪区) and trigger the event "Rescue Aya (金剛丸彩を救出)". She'll join after another turn.
  • Hotta Daigo - Capture him and persuade him twice, then again after Aya joins.
  • Idagawa Ren - Suppress Edogawa (江怒川区), then defeat him.
  • Kongoumaru Sanzou - Suppress his area and defeat him in a duel with Rouga.
  • The Magic Knights (Hard Mode only), Boss Bayashi, Fuumin, and Mogue Megumi: Suppress Toukyou Tower in Chou (中王区), then trigger the star event there, then buy the Legendary Croquette Bread for 999 BP at the Tantan shop, and finally trigger the star event again.

-Chapter Events-

  • Note: Turns listed are not definite. Some events may happen a turn sooner or later, depending on other events and/or your progress.

  • Turn 1 - Senna joins. H events are now available. Kunagi restores HP after you're with her while Sanae gives you 50 BP.
  • Turn 2 - Recieve 100 BP from Gou. 200 BP can now be earned by clearing the dungeon Sunshine VI (six levels).
  • Turn 5 - Daigo appears. Mario will appear if Tyuuou/Chou (中王区) has not been captured.
  • Turn 6 - Ren will attack Tokyou along with 5 bikers. Ren does not need to be defeated yet. He will leave after the fight.
  • Turn 7 - H event involving Kyouko. She will leave Tiyoda, and her recruitment event will appear after capturing the area.
  • Turn 8 - Mario will appear in Tiyoda' if Tyuuou/'Chou was captured on turn 5 or sooner.
  • Turn 10 - Aya will be captured. Suppress Suginami/Kanami and then trigger the event to recruit her.
  • Turn 10 - If any Sensouji areas have not been invaded yet, an event with Daigo will trigger and he will attack a random area.


- If you choose to defeat Ren when he attacks Toukyou the 2nd time (happens after completely suppressing Ren's areas), you will enter Kunagi's Route.

- If you defeat Sanzou before defeating Ren when he attacks Toukyou the 2nd time, you will enter Senna's Route.

- To fight either of them, you have to conquer their main area. After that Ren will raid Toukyou continuously. As long as you enter the Deathmatch with Sanzou before you defeat Ren in this later raid, you will enter Senna's route.

-Boss Information-

  • Note: Boss stats' may vary depending on Rouga's level and the difficulty.
  • Ren 1st
Stats Attributes
HP 134 ATK 38 Normal White B
STA 6 HIT 124 Black B Eternal
Ctr 36% EVA 20 Machine Magic

Range: Medium

Ren will only fight after his bikers have all attacked. You do not need to defeat him at this point. He will leave the area after the fight is over.

  • Ren 2nd
Stats Attributes
HP 134 ATK 41 Normal White B
STA 6 HIT 127 Black B Eternal
Ctr 36% EVA 20 Machine Magic

Range: Medium

Unlike last time, he will not leave after the fight is over. He will continue to attack every turn until he is defeated. His accuracy is high, and is the only character with a chance at hitting Kunagi in this chapter (though the chance is low). Burai with his skill and Kunagi are the best to use against him. He will stay in Toukyou until he is defeated. Defeating Ren starts Kunagi's Route.

  • Sanzou
Stats Attributes
HP 128 ATK 33 Normal White B
STA 7 HIT 95 Black B Eternal
Ctr 36% EVA 20 Machine Magic

Range: Short

This a deathmatch between Rouga and Sanzou. As long as Rouga is decently leveled, he should have no problems due to Sanzou's less than average HIT. Defeating him starts Senna's Route.

National ChapterEdit

Time Limit 100 turns

Note: This is just a general run, results may vary. See character walkthrough pages on how to recruit them.

If you recruit everyone you can recruit before starting National Chapter, start by conquering Yokohama to stabilize your cash flow. You will have to earn your money by yourself starting this chapter.

Do the Hanny Engineering event in Ika on 1st Region Phase turn so you can erect buildings. Talk to Kuga Kyouichirou (after he joins) to get Rouga's Wolf Fang skill (important).

Do the Curry Wolf events ASAP (Yokohama, supress the Curry Meseum first), then build Curry Wolf Restaurants everywhere for 50BP per building* per income phase (don't worry if Curry Wolves show 0 BP income in the building status, it will still show up in income phase). Curry Research events in certain regions raise the number.

Then, conquer Shinjuku. Recruit Mitamazuka Youki and Touma Kanata. Touma Kanata is one of the most powerful characters, turns wasted on him will be well spent. Youki is a decent character too if leveled.

2 Zombies (and 2 pandas every few turns, after a certain point in game) will attack Shinjuku every turn, after getting Touma + Youki you can just leave Shinjuku to be retaken by zombies, or you can farm them for exp (the zombies have short attack range, decent exp , and 0% counter).

Leave Dream Island and Hawaii for now. Or, if you want Misugi Ryoutarou , Amon Saito, and Mumei Masakari ASAP, conquer Dream Island and do their respective events before continuing.

  • A few turns after you conquered Nigata, Nightmare Eyes will attack you. So unless you want to battle both PGG and Nightmare Eye together. I would leave Nigata alone till the PGG is conquered.
  • Hawaii should be conquered after you conquer PGG, as soon as you get you first 1000BP you can take a vacation which would restore the loyalties of all the Units.

Turn 6 Student Union will call you to a meeting there. Failure to comply within 5 turns will get NPI, PGG, and NME get permissions to attack at turn 12. PGG attack without permission in turn 9, ditto with NME at turn 15 if you hold Nigata, so if you want to hold off a three-pronged attack, make the time.

PGG Phase

Attack the PGG before they attack you (the PGG begins attacking around turn ~9) to get a CG for Ginjou Tomoka.

General Tips:Edit

If you want to get Ginjou Tomoka, capture one of the PGG gun soldiers and interrogate him before the showdown event with Tomoka. Don't do it if you want to get Mumei Aikuchi instead.

If you're having trouble with defeating PGG tanks, recruit Asakura Yuma after Akibahara is suppressed (if you deploy her in battle vs PGG tanks, she will render the tanks useless with 0 HIT, thus making the tank battles much easier). Recruit Yuma before you recruit Youki will lead to Youki's escape from prison.

Start by conquering Akibahara.

At first, PGG will only use foot soldiers. PGG tank squads will try to recapture one random conquered territory from PGG every 2-3 turns after this (the tank squads can't be captured).

Advance to Forestland (capture Kirihara Takeshi if possible), then Shizuoka (leave Tottori alone if you want to recruit Cleo Aripa, besides it's a waste of time for now).

Do 'Showdown with Tomoka' in Shizuoka after suppressing it to completely conquer PGG.

At any rate, defeat the PGG as soon as possible.

Shinoda Kansuke will join you if you pay him 500 BP after conquering the PGG. You can still recruit him if you choose not to pay him (see his character walkthrough page).

Start attacking Aomory (Nightmare Eyes) after you're finished with PGG.

Nightmare Eyes PhaseEdit

Nightmare Eyes will attack you 3 turns after you conquer Nigata. If you haven't conquer Nigata, they will hold off attack till turn 38.

  • Instead of attacking Nightmare Eyes 2nd, I would recommand attacking NPI right after the PGG phase. Unlike Nightmare Eye phase if you conquer the NPI early, you don't have to deal with the annoying Tennouji Mio Events.
  • Nightmare Eyes in Senna route is easier than Kunagi route, same deal with NPI for Kunagi. So it's convenient if you go for Nightmare Eyes in Senna route soonest, so you dont have to deal with the heavy final fight of NPI early.
General Tips:Edit

If you want to capture Ulruka, advance to Yezo ASAP and capture her in battle before she went missing (around 25 turns after the fight with Nightmare Eyes begins?). If you let her get killed, you will get a cg and she'll fight you as vampire Ulruka (cannot be captured). Urulruka is only clearable with Camila so in Senna route she's just another fighter, not a good target for clearing.

If you're lacking fighter units, you may want to recruit the a few of the wolf pelt guys, they're decent fighters with high LAW. On the other hand, they give good BP when released so I recommend capture release procedure for this guy.

The Hokkaido female archers are good administrative agents. If you dont have enough Kansai females, they are a good alternative. If you have Urulruka stationed in Yezo, do the recruit there will give you two named generic Hokkai females.

Undead Hokkai males and vampires are nuisances fit only to be killed for XP.

If you defeat Nightmare Eyes before turn 33, you can recruit Tennouji Mio and do her events after a few turns (recruiting her wastes five Region Phase turns and you WILL have to do them because her events lower four regions' order every turn) if you don't want her simply delay before doing the final showdown with Camilla.

If you want to recruit Morisawa Marine, do her recruitment events before the showdown with Camilla event.

Advance to Aomory, Sapporo, Yezo & Abashiri (Yezo if you want to get Ulruka, if not suppress Abashiri first because it's easier), and then Translyvania.

If you defeat Benishibuki Daimon several times, he will cease to respawn and Tsukiomi Kibito will attack you after that, capture him if possible. However, capture him without Shion in your party will lead to his suicide. 2 events to hire Shion take 5 turns at least, so try to hold off on defeating Daimon, since Kibito is a pain to delay capture.

The zombie Sapporo leader will be revived every turn until the region is suppressed. To capture Sapporo in 3 turns you must kill every defender in each battle.

To conquer Nightmare Eyes completely you have to do Showdown with Camilla event after suppressing Transylvania.

Millar and her bat squad will attackAkihabara every few turns after you conquer 3(?) Nightmare Eyes territory. If you don't defeat the bat squad completely they will respawn. Make Millar return several times will lead to one HCG of her. In Senna route Millar appear in ending, but in Kunagi's route she die the final death.

If you're following Tenrou Kunagi's route, the final showdown with Camilla is a 5 floor dungeon (you can change the members every floor) and in the final floor, you will fight Pram. The battle isn't easy as each time he inflicts damage on your units, he recovers HP; one Shadow Storm from Kuga and then an Wolf Fang from Rouga will take him out as he doesn't get any chance to attack you; using Sion to buff at the beginning of the battle might help too. Camilla Batori will be put in prison after suppressing Nightmare Eyes and can be recruited by doing certain events.

If you're doing Kyoudou Senna's route, the final showdown with Camilla is a deathmatch between Rouga and Camilla (really easy, one Wolf Fang should take her out).

After conquering Nightmare Eyes, you can either conquer the independent territories if you haven't (Dreamland, Hawaii, Tottori), recruit & do character events for a few turns or just start attacking the NPI.

You may want to recruit Hiouguu Kaguya by doing the Vampire Hunter Girl event in Transylvania after suppressing Nightmare Eyes competely (if you have Devil Daigo / untransformed Daigo, you may want to wait till Daigo reverts back to normal Daigo after transformed before recruiting her or she will kill Daigo).. Kaguya is a good antiDemon mid range fighters, good for station in Shin Juku and demon fights.

NPI phaseEdit

Will attack regardless on turn 43, better off attacking them first then wait for their attack.

Start by attacking Sekigahara. Don't kill Shizuri (The 250HP girl) if you want to recruit her. Just lower her HP to below 50% and she'll retreat permanently after the battle - one Wolf Fang should do it. after fighting Igarashi Koumi once she will visit you and ask you for a truce. she and her men won't attack you and you won't attack Koube in return. reach Kyou and trigger the event in there to start the showdown with the NPI. note that the fights are much harder on Senna's route. On Senna's route, the final showdown starts with a bunch of statues with long range attack, high HP and MECH atribute, later you fight a bunch of Ninjas (1 white, 2 blue and 3 black) and finally the final fight is against Yunuzawa Kei, Iori, Watari Hanzou (if you have triggered his events in HAWAII) and some demonfolk.

On Kunagi's route you'll only fight Yunuzawa Kei.

There are a roundabout way to reach Kyo sooner by attack Sangoku by human cannon. After you got Sekiga hara, First send a troop there and an event happen to show the Great Wall. Second got Sae and she will mention in a start of turn event that Iga got human cannon. Use human cannon event in Iga then use the same in Sangoku region to send a troop of six over the wall. You will fight 4 Sangoku fighters and the two Sonken brothers. After this battle you can conquer Sangoku and hire these two. This may be a good way to reach Kyou before turn 50 for Idagawa Ren's star event.. Iga is defended by Hanzou and his ninja. He will return after each fight until it's completely conquered, so put that into calculation. He will leave for Hawaii after it.

FIghting NPI you should capture at least 5 ninjas, included Gamon and the white ninja, with at least one black. Use one black ninja to bait Zakuro. She's a good anti-Ninja but expensive in that she eat/force them to leave. Read the section on her to see how. Since she's captured only after Iga was defeated, her utility is limited. We can use her in Iga Ninja mansion's dungeon fights.

Gamon got his own ending, whether we keep him in prison or hire.

Kansai generic eyeless are a source of excellent hirelings. Males are all-round, females are good for rich regions.

Ousaka is a central battlefield. As long as the NPI is not pacified, enemies will attack here regularly. It's a good place to build a Hot Spring and station Xp-hungry commanders like Marine and Emperor Mu, with Touma for the extras.

Kyuushuu PhaseEdit

The Holy Flame will conquer Kyuushuu if you're following Tenrou Kunagi's route. On Kyoudou Senna's Route, the Skull Serpents is the winner.

Cannot attack Kyuushuu until the Holy Flame and Skull Serpents finish fighting and the SU is defeated. Either of them will attack around turn 66 if you havn't attack first.

Note: Holy Flame and Skull Serpents will finish fighting on turn 60.

On the Kunagi's route, can't attack Nagasaki until after the Holy Flame's god stall right before Toukyou.

Okayama, Koube, Sangoku will be taken controlled by HF in order if you have not suppressed it yet. No problem for Okayama(Kaen will come and join you after that) and Koube(Also you can recruit Igarashi if you let HF take control first). But for Sangoku, if you want to recruit Mouri Sonken(Red/Blue) and Koumei Michiru, you should suppress it before declare war with HF.

There are only 3 types of eyeless units in The Holy Flame mid, stronger mid, and long. Igarashi Komui's territory will be taken over by HF and one of her guys will ask you to save her. Retake the territory and she joins you. Soon after, this giant nasty thing (supposed to be a god of destruction) will take a line of territories until it gets to next to Shin Juku and it will stop (The route is Shigoku, Kyou, Sangoku, Sekiga Hara, and Yoko Hama. It will also attack Kumamotou, Koube or Shiname if you managed to take them before it starts up. I suggest to not fully capture those and wait until it has taken Kyou, it will not go backwards. It will also ignore Oka Yama.). After the god rampages, the best course of action would be to quickly power your way to the top-left territory and take it. If you leave Shiname alone, a few turns after the demongod stalls, Eclair, the commander of Shiname, will sacrifice herself to restart it (See Note) provided she was not defeated earlier - unsuccessfully, thankfully. Note: the special characters of HF will retreat if defeated. Also, no HF units can be recruited or broken in interrogation (this is not true - I have broken and recruited them with 4-5 interrogations while possessing the Cutlet Bowl). Before you challenge Jeanne you must defeat Viral, Eileen and two Knights (four in Hard Mode). After that you must fight Eileen (again) and Black Rouga (three of them in Hard Mode). Then challenge Jeanne to a death match and beat her (2 Wolf Fangs will get it done). After you beat her, if she has other territories, they become independent. If you wait too long in Nagazaki, Jeanne will come out herself and fight your units there. This may be a way of seeing her skill, but be warned that she's very dangerous.

Note : To get a CG of Eclair (Blue-haired commander), you must not touch Shiname. Wait for the God to stop, do not showdown with Jeanne yet, go suppress all of HF territories until there are three left (including Shiname).

In Senna's route you'll fight the Skull Serpents. their main unit is an long ranged pirates that do quite a bit of damage. after a while they start the contraction of the Great Messiah - giant flying ship. after it completed you'll be attack in a random region every 2nd turn or so. be prepared with strong units in reigns with less then 3 control points to make sure they aren't captured on the first attack.

After you'll beat their unique commanders in Nagasaki , beginning of the turn event will trigger, provided you got one of these: Sae, Cleo, Daimao, Hanzou.... After it you'll be able to attack the Great Messiah by selecting that option in Toukyou. you'll fight 3 battles on the ship, the first one against pirates the second against the commanders(Sheyrer and Mishio?) that you beaten on the ground plus two pirates, and the third one is a one on one deathmatch between Rouga and Kuuya. be warned, he is quite dangerous. The formula to defeat him is to use a special attack, normal attack and special attack, or start with a normal attack and use 2 special at the end. If you use 2 special attacks first, you get your HP plummed and you wont get enough counter rate to finish him. Gloomy Mask or Attack+ items on Rouga.

Skull Serpents has more going for them than Holy Flame. Once Holy Flame is defeated, they have nothing else left: no ending, no commander. Skull Serpents however is not like that. Their Unamuru and Kagao can be captured and hired, along with their own ending later. The remaining commanders got their own ending.

Enter the Hell HoleEdit

The final battle is the same in the both routes, you'll trigger the "enter the hell hole" in shinjuku after turn 80. We start a serie of 4 fights (or 5 in hard mode) against various demons before engaging in the final battle, it might be a good idea to preserve the heroine you chose for the ending, Kaen, Zanma Gou and Rouga from these battles. In the first final battle you use Zanma Gou, Zanma Rouga and the heroine you chose for the ending. The second battle you'll use the 3 of them plus Himenomiya Kaen. Actually, you will have 6 people in the second battle if you have more heroines with love level at 6 or more.

It's advisable to put Gloomy Mask on Rouga. The +100HP button work very strange: you get other effects but not the HP thing, so you cant use its user as SP-soaker.

Extra Mode / Chaos Mode Edit

General OverviewEdit

How to start: Choose Chaos Mode on the rooftop during the school chapter. You will be sent to the national chapter shortly.

  • All units that you have 5* cleared will be available, at level 1. Their skills are usually at their basic level, without any star events changing them (e.g. Nanana has Enemy Counter X2), except for Domouto Mizuki who gets to keep her Scout ability for some reason. Hitano Mario will not have Flashy, Kaguya cannot summon Daimao, possibly more? In addition, a number of skills seem to be useless/not working. (Super) Recovery didn't work for me for one, and the region affecting skills shouldn't work either.
  • Rouga's level is based on final level (mean values of characters when you clear the game) so you might want to fire all generic units and the units you haven't used much just before the final battle. You usually can more than double your final level that way. Be warned though that the exp that characters need to level up also depend on the final level.
  • There are no events, you cannot upgrade units that way.
  • You cannot build buildings.
  • Peace status of a region does not to change.
  • Units do lose loyalty, but they will not desert you.
  • No talking with people, but you can still upgrade them that way, this is a bad idea because of the next point:
  • The money system does work, and you will get a gameover if you run out of money. If you have all 70 units, you need ~2k BP every 4 turns. Your starting BP is determined by the highest BP you cleared the game with, Normal or Hard. I had some 34k to start with after redoing a run for the Great Emperor Moo!, I would suggest having something in that order of magnitude. After finishing it, I had about 8k left. I did not go straight for the capitals however, doing so should save you a lot of time and money, provided you can fend off the attacks.
  • Many regions seem to have more CP than usual, without Flashy, that kind of bites. (Forestland has 8. O.o)
  • You start with no items, I have no clue if Idagawa Ren's skill will allow you to steal some, but I'm going to guess it won't.
  • Status doesn't work.
  • Only Nihon Bridge / Nihonbashi starts independent, every other territory belongs to another faction. If you conquer the main territory of a faction or (PGG) defeat Kashin, the other territories will go independent. Independent territories will not receive reinforcements, so making a beeline for the capitals is a pretty good idea.
  • Enemy units are massively upgraded. Only your most powerful units will be remotely useful at the beginning. I heavily suggest clearing all the good and late (high level 1 stats) characters you can. You will need them.
  • You cannot capture units.
  • You may meet characters you have not cleared, or boss characters belonging to certain factions. They will be as lethal as they were in story mode. I highly recommend having Hanzou and Sae stamina drain them every turn or you will regret it. Try to always have a scout unit when facing them. (Ijuuin, Mizuki)
  • On Turn 9, if you entered a war with a faction, another randomly chosen one will declare war on you. If you have not started a war yet (You did nothing?), two will declare war. On turn 17 and 25, the next two factions will follow. So you will essentially be fighting at least three factions at the same time. One territory can only be attacked by a single faction at a time though, if you didn't kill all units. Since all factions border on Tokyo, I'd suggest leaving Hanzou and Sae there, so that they can stamina drain any eventually appearing boss units. Bosses like Jaouin and Jeanne are plain too dangerous to ignore.
  • The experience values for some units have changed. (E.g. Emperor Moo! doesn't have his ridiculous scaling anymore.) I also get the feeling that the stats you get on level ups have been increased in general.
  • Since the PGG has the most annoying standard units and pretty small territory, requiring only Forestland until you can reach Shizuoka, go for them first. You could then go for the Not-NME and through Sekigahara and Sangoku to Kyou. That will already remove three competitors.
  • If you keep fighting a faction for a while, you will start to see the more powerful units less often. The Hannis will still throw the three Hanny group unit around though.



They have extremely powerful tanks. I can basically see four ways of dealing with them. You can A) have some of the few units that can take 100+ damage hits eat the damage, you can B) use the perfect dodgers (Abao Akuu and Burai), you use C) preemptive attacks like Rouga or Kyoushirou, since the tanks have 0 counter and lastly D), use stamina drain (Sae, Hanzou, ...) and other evasion techniques to drop the stamina to zero. You will want to use all of these tactics since the tanks have a ridiculous HIT stat (best one reaching 196 HIT). The tanks are also their standard units and you can expect the 126 ATK monstertank in many battle groups. Expect to see Arabians, soldiers and many, many tanks. Kill Kashin and the other territories will go neutral. Might be a good idea to go the Forstland -> Shizuoka route, defeating Kashin counts as defeating the PGG.

Special units:
* Saki, Shorko, Kashin


Their standard units are the not that dangerous demonfolk, black/brown/blue ninja and cats. Their special units include Jaouin though... Once you take the special units out though, the Not-NPI really only has a lot of territory and that's it. Kyou counts as capital and if you take it, whatever is left goes independent.

* Pram Bartholi, Jaouin Kuuya, Kajiyama Shoumon, Sheyrer Stangier, Ulruka, Kouno Mishio, Kirihara Takeshi, Aoi Gamon


Their main units are pandas. Since they are short ranged, they are easier to beat than the PGG, though they do have a counter of 24. You will also regularly see tanks. The 280 HP Monsterpanda almost dies immediately to Kongoumaru Sanzou. Shizuri is also good. Their special units are very weak. Other units include bats and bikers. Survive the initial few really dangerous pandas and it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

* Kakurai Jun, Hariyama Shimiko, Nikai Mitsuhiro


They mostly have Hanni units that are decently powerful. Probably the easiest choice to attack first, but their territories are worthless. And the other factions will attack you soon anyway. Common units are the Hanni horses, that have a decent mid range attack, and multiple types of long range Hannis. Be careful when you see Jeanne.

* Unamuru, Jeanne, Viral, Eileen, Kagao Takaomi, Eclair

You get absolutely nothing but a "Congratulations" for beating this mode.

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