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There are dungeons scattered across the map that can be explored for experience, items, and regional income. Certain character recruitments and clears also require exploring dungeons. You enter each dungeon with a party of up to 6 characters and fight a series of battles, with the option to retreat after every floor. If you retreat, you will return to the map in the Region Phase as normal, and you will continue from the floor you retreated from the next time you enter the same dungeon.

Stamina and HP do not naturally recover between battles. To deal with this, you have a few options: First, certain abilities restore stamina in-battle, the most relevant one being Gyver Mac's. Second, healers (Sonnet and Sayuri) will restore HP based on each unit's current HP between each battle, but Senna's Super Recovery does not activate between battles. Finally, if all enemies and allies run out of stamina, everyone will recover 1 stamina. Note that this is fairly difficult and dangerous to pull off, especially since characters without stamina cannot dodge. Try to plan ahead and be ready to retreat before you end up in a situation where characters die.

Sekigahara - Ancient WellEdit

Clearing this dungeon is necessary for the character clear of Murakumo Shizuri.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: 2x monkey, dog, cat, panda, ninja

Floor 2: 4x snail

Floor 3: 4x rat, snail

Floor 4: 2x rat, 2x bat

Floor 5: 3x rat, 2x bat

Floor 6: 5x bat, golden bat [doubled attributes of a normal bat]

Floor 7: 3x ninja

Floor 8: 5x ninja, white ninja

Ika/Iga - Ninja MansionEdit

You can access to this dungeon by acquiring a dead sparrow in an event in Kyou after conquering the NPI.

Clearing this dungeon is NOT necessary for the character clear of Watari Hanzou. I've fully cleared Hanzou before I even set foot on this.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: 6x ninja

Floor 2: 4x ninja

Floor 3: 6x ninja

-Alarm clock obtained.

Floor 4: 4x ninja [blue]

Floor 5: 6x ninja [1x white, 2x blue, 3x black]

Oosaka - Umeda UndercityEdit

Clearing this dungeon to the 3rd floor is necessary for the character clear of Negishi Nanana.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: 4x male student, 2x female student

Floor 2: 3x male student, 3x female student

Floor 3: 4x gang member

-Legendary Bloomers obtained.

Floor 4: 2x gang member, 2x male student, 2x female student

Floor 5: 2x soldier with gun, 2x male student, 2x female student

Floor 6: 2x kansai male student, 2x kung-fu man, 2x motorcycle gang member

Floor 7: 2x kansai male student, 2x kansai female student

Floor 8: 2x kansai male student, 2x kansai female student, 2x gang member

Floor 9: kansai male student, kansai female student, 2x gang member, 2x soldier with gun

Floor 10: 2x kung-fu man, 2x panda

Floor 11: 4x gang member, 2x motorcycle gang member

Floor 12: 2x kansai male student, 4x kansai female student

Saporo - Ice CaveEdit

You must station Zanma Gou in Saporo to have him discover the cave.

Clearing this dungeon is necessary for the character clear of Hotta Daigo. After he goes missing, clear the dungeon to the sixth floor. Daigo will come back and then change into Devil Daigo in a beginning-of-turn event.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: 2x rat, bat, cat

Floor 2: 3x bat

Floor 3: 5x bat

Floor 4: 2x bat, weird alien creature [HP: 42, ATK: 102, HIT: 36, EVA: 29, middle ranged demon]

Floor 5: 2x weird alien creature, bat

Floor 6: 2x weird alien creature, demon

-Hotta Daigo obtained.

MOO! - Ancient ruinsEdit

You must station Zanma Gou in Moo to have him discover the ruins.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: Moo

Floor 2: 2x Moo

Floor 3: 3x Moo

Floor 4: 4x Moo

Floor 5: 5x Moo

Floor 6: 6x Moo

Floor 7: 5x Moo, fly rider

Floor 8: 4x Moo, 2x fly rider

Floor 9: 2x Moo, 3x fly rider, panda

Floor 10: 2x Moo, 4x fly rider

Floor 11: Moo, 5x fly rider

-- Puss in Boots obtained.

Floor 12: 6x fly rider

Floor 13: 5x Elf [HP: 28, ATK: 15, HIT: 139, EVA: 14, long ranged holy creature], bunnygirl [HP: 23, ATK: 1, HIT: 33, EVA: 0, short ranged holy creature]

Floor 14: 5x Elf, crabgirl [HP: 33, ATK: 24, HIT: 104, EVA: 0, long ranged dark creature]

Floor 15: 5x Elf, chaingirl [HP: 46, ATK: 30, HIT: 99, EVA: 16, middle ranged holy creature]

Floor 16: 5x Elf, ghostgirl [HP: 36, ATK: 38, HIT: 99, EVA: 0, middle ranged dark creature]

-- Leloir obtained.

Shiname - Hirasaka UnderworldEdit

Clearing this dungeon to the 20th floor is necessary for the character clear of Great Emperor Mu.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 1: 3x male student, 3x girl student

Floor 2: 4x gang member, 2x motorcycle gang member

Floor 3: 4x arabian soldier, 2x soldier with gun

Floor 4: 4x male kansai student, 2x female kansai student

Floor 5: 5x ninja

Floor 6: 4x Transylvanian bear soldier, 2x Transylvanian archer

Floor 7: 2x ninja, 4x ninja [black]

Floor 8: 4x Transylvanian archer

Floor 9: 4x ninja [blue], 2x ninja [black]

Floor 10: 4x kung-fu man

Floor 11: white ninja

Floor 12: 2x Transylvanian bear soldier, 2x vampire

Floor 13: 4x vampire

Floor 14: 2x Transylvanian bear soldier, 2x Transylvanian archer, 2x vampire

Floor 15: 4x Elf

Floor 16: white ninja, demonfolk

Floor 17: 6x pirate with gun

Floor 18: 4x crusader

Floor 19: 6x crusader

Floor 20: 2x crusader, 2x crusader archer

-Black Onyx obtained.

Floor 21: 6x crusader archer

Floor 22: 3x demonfolk

Floor 23: rat

Floor 24: 4x panda

Floor 25: 2x kung-fu man, 2x crusader archer, 2x demonfolk

Floor 26: 3x white ninja

Floor 27: 6x fly rider

Floor 28: 3x rat

Floor 29: 6x bat

Floor 30: 6x snail

-The Devil / Satan Obtained.

Floor 31: 6x mechanical crusader (machine type)

Floor 32: 4x white ninja

Floor 33: 4x demonfolk, 2x white ninja

Floor 34: 6x white ninja

Floor 35: 4x bomb demon (med range, demon type, 102 ATK, 36 HIT), 2x moon demon (long range)

Floor 36: 4x demon bear (short range, 85 HP, 33 ATK, 96 HIT, 26 EVA), 2x moon demon

Floor 37: 3x demon crab (long range, Tactical Command)

Floor 38: 6x demon bear

Floor 39: 4x demon bear, 2x demon crab

Floor 40: 2x demon bear, 2x bomb demon, 2x demon crab

Floor 41: 2x red demon (medium range, 71 HP, 56 ATK, 91 HIT, 26 EVA), 2x demon bear, 2x demon crab

Floor 42: 6x red demon

Note: If you want to finish this in a reasonable time, just buff up Mac, give him the Button of Aegis, bring a healer like Sonnet (he will heal after every floor) and other units that provide buffs (ie Tomoka, Saito, Saki). He is completely capable of killing every unit in one run like this.Going deeper than the 30th floor is simply not worth it.

Note: If you indeed use Gyver Mac to clear large portions of this dungeon at one time your displayed experience will not display properly until you fall below 1000. It's still there, but the ones digit will not show up.

Big Site - Dream IslandEdit

Hard modeEdit

Floor 01: 3x Rat

Floor 02: 3x Rat, 2x Snail, Cat

Floor 03: 2x Rat, 2x Cat, 2x Dog

Floor 04: 2x Dog, Ostrich, Monkey

Floor 05: 4x Monkey

-Mysterious Dog acquired, priority event over Mac Guyver sighting event Note: You see the Guyver Mac event normally if you've bought the dog beforehand.

Floor 06: 2x Monkey, Panda

Floor 07: 6x Hanni

Floor 08: 4x Hanni (57hp)

-Genius Ocarina acquired

Floor 09: 2x Hanni (72HP)

Floor 10: 6x Hanni (2x40~, 50~, 60~, 2x70~)

Mars Invasion Challenge - ShigokuEdit

Hard ModeEdit

Level 01: 3x Moo (HP:240, ATT: 60, HIT: 120, EVA: 40); (340, 40, 140, 80); (480, 80, 100, 20);

Level 02: ghostgirl (160, 64, 180, 0); crabgirl (140, 36, 196, 0); bunnygirl (999, 999, 80, 0); glassgirl (160, 96, 200, 20) elfgirl (180, 160, 400, 0), witchgirl (220, 80, 220, 40)

Level 03: Mars Robo (short, machine, 380, 70 ,150, 50) ; Mars Robo(260 60 180 60) ; Mars Robo (450 40 130 30); Mars Robo (360 80 120 20);Mars Robo (500 50 140 40);

Level 04: Tada Hanni (long, 999, 99, 99, 99) 4x Bodyguard (666, 66, 66, 66) bodyguard (333, 33, 33, 333) [Note: Gyver Mac's 1up ability plus Light Wing DX (+20 EVA) is very effective in dodging the hannies and wasting all their stamina points.]

Level 05: Tada Hanni (long, 999, 99, 99, 99); bunnygirl (999, 999, 80, 0); Mars Robo (short, machine, 380, 70 ,150, 50); Moo (340, 40, 140, 80)

Chaos Angel TowerEdit

Clearing this dungeon is required for a character clear of Gyver Mac and Kinryuu.

Hard modeEdit

Floor 01: 6x KyanKyan (bunny girl)

Floor 02: 6x Magisco (scorpion girl)

Floor 03: 6x Tenten (chain girl)

Floor 04: 6x Frozen (ghost girl)

Floor 05: 6x Captain Vanilla (pirate girl) [short, eternal, 56 HP, 46 ATK, 119 HIT, 29 EVA]

Floor 06: 6x Magician (hood girl) [long, black B, 36, 70, 129, 0]

Floor 07: 6x Kotodama (glasses girl) [mid, eternal, 69, 54, 109, 16]

Floor 08: 6x Kamikaze (elf girl) [long, black B, 89, 86, 215, 0]

The enemies in this dungeon are Gal Monsters

Toukyou - Sunshine City VIEdit

This is the first dungeon, available only in the District chapter.

Floor 1: 6x schoolgirl (short-range blue)

Floor 2: 2x schoolgirl, 2x staff schoolgirl

Floor 3: 5x staff schoolgirl

Floor 4: 2x staff schoolgirl, 2x archer schoolgirl

Floor 5: 5x archer schoolgirl

Floor 6: 6x manbou

-- 200 BP obtained.

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