Big Bang Beat -1st Impression- is an all-ages doujin fighting game. It was released on 2007 May 26th, by NRF ( However the support of the game was later turned over to Aja 彩 (

Best girl in Daibanchou

A trial version is available for download from Aja's website ("[NRF]BIGBANG BEAT 1st Impression 体験版(動作確認版) ver.1.01"). Only Rouga and Senna are available in the trial version.

The game features casts from the School Stage and the District Stage of Big Bang Age.

It can be purchased online from the usual venues that sells eroges.

Openings Edit

Big Bang Beat 1st Impression opening01:52

Big Bang Beat 1st Impression opening

Big Bang Beat REVOLVE OP01:57

Big Bang Beat REVOLVE OP

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