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Rance... I don't know what it is you don't like about me, but please leave me alone from now on.

—Bird Lithfie, begging Rance to stay away.

Bird Lithfie
Japanese バード・リスフィ
Romanization Bādo Risufi
Bird Lithfie
Race Humans
Age / Birth 24 / GI997 (Physically 22)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 180cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Rance II, Rance 02, Rance 4.1, Rance 5D, Rance Quest, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Toushin Toshi


Bird Lithfie is an adventurer with horrendous luck who has crossed paths with Rance far more times than he'd like to.

He is a polite young man with a gentle face, giving him a kind and heroic appearance. Following his ill-fated battle with Eleanor Ran, his left arm has been replaced with a robotic prosthetic.
Scared Bird

Bird's signature expression that he wears whenever running into Rance.

His good looks and caring disposition have allowed him to gain the admiration of several women throughout his adventures. Unfortunately for him, however, Rance has successfully stolen almost all of them away from him, while also humiliating and endangering Bird in the process.

While he generally comes off as a good-hearted and noble individual, Bird is gradually revealed to have a lustful and perverted side that rivals even Rance that he hides from other people. He has had dozens of girlfriends, and has no trouble instantly moving from one relationship to another without a second thought, and has actually entered into relationships with one girl while already dating another that he simply forgot about. As he has continuously gotten his women stolen from him by Rance, he has become increasingly fixated on having sex with them before Rance takes them from him, and no longer seems to care about anything else. His profile in Rance Quest describes him as a person who could have made something of himself had he never met Rance, which seems accurate.

Bird has
Best Character

A drunk Bird ranting about Rance.

hated Rance ever since coming to the incorrect conclusion that he is holding Sill Plain against her will, and that hatred has only increased with each additional encounter the two have had. Bird generally passive-aggressively tells Rance to go away whenever they meet each other, but his reaction to their most recent encounter was to run on sight. Bird blames Rance for causing all of the problems in his life, and has gone so far as to attempt to assassinate him through a Revenge-chan Gal Monster. Rance also dislikes Bird, considering him to be a loser, a wimp and a closeted pervert, but enjoys running into him as he always has an attractive woman with him. Notably, Bird is one of the few men that Rance can easily remember the name of, and he often chuckles in anticipation whenever he encounters him.

Bird seems to hold a soft spot in his heart for Sill Plain, who saved him from death during the events of Rance 02. He was crushed when she chose Rance over him and eagerly asks Rance if he and Sill have broken up whenever he sees that she is not with him, despite Bird always already being with another girl. Sill likes Bird a great deal and considers him to be a very good person, but her feelings towards him aren't comparable to her feelings towards Rance.



Bird losing his arm in his encounter with Eleanor.

Bird made first appearance during the events of Rance 02, where a dying Bird was rescued by Sill Plain that had just separated from Rance. When he woke up, they realized they were trapped in Eleanor Ran's maze, and decided to work together in an effort to defeat her and escape.

During the short period of time that Sill and Bird spent stuck in the maze, Bird had become attached to Sill and wanted to save her from what he imagined was a cruel fate as a slave. The first girlfriend he lost, Nay Wrong, was due to his own attempted two timing; being caught while trying to seduce Sill in a confined location. Along the way, they also came across Kyouko Yoshikawa, an adventurer that worked with Bird and fell in love for him but she was defeated and put under an illusion by Eleanor. 

Once they managed to find the secret to the maze, they reached Eleanor Ran. Because she has the ability to manipulate other's actions through magic, he had closed his eyes during their match. Unfortunately, he had carelessly forgotten that she was both a spellcaster and a swordsman, which led to his left arm being amputated while his eyes were closed. When Rance managed to rescue them both, Bird tried to challenge Rance to a duel in order to win Sill, but Rance told him off as he was likely to die from blood loss as is. He swore to come back for Sill when his wound had healed. He forgot about Kyouko which led her to hate him. The next time he was seen, he had had his left arm replaced with a metallic prosthetic.

His next appearance was in Rance 4.1 he had become adventuring partners with Kisara. Everyone was competing to solve the mystery of monsters' sudden appearance in the caves under the Happiness Pharmaceutical's factory for a large reward and, during an outing, he found himself trapped with Kisara inside a cavern with no escape but a gap 20 feet overhead. After a rough night, Kisara had stopped speaking to him for some unknown reason and left his company. In the end, he didn't solve the mystery and didn't get the reward money. 

Personal History Edit

  • GI0997 - Bird was born (September 9th)
  • LP0001 - When the town of Kathtom sunk underground, Bard went to investigate, and lost his left arm in Eleanor Ran's labyrinth.
  • LP0002 - Became trapped in the Genbu Castle in place of Sill Plain.
  • LP0005 - Escaped Genbu Castle when Genbu kicked him out.
  • LP0006 - Arrives in CITY with Matilda, once again stolen by Rance.
  • ~LP0030 (approximate year) - Participated in the 27th Toushin Toshi Tournament with a cybernetic arm.

Abilities Edit

Bird is a fairly talented adventurer who is skilled with a sword. While traveling alongside Sill, he is statistically identical to Rance, who is noted to be substantially stronger than the average warrior, suggesting that he is quite strong. This is further supported during his brief mention in the game Toushin Toshi, where he is stated to possess monstrous strength.

Despite his impressive strength, Bird is prone to moments of incompetence in battle, such as fighting Eleanor Ran with his eyes closed in an attempt to avoid her mind control, a mistake that cost him his arm. He also struggled to defeat a Caterpillar DX and a Gates '95 in combat, despite both only being mid-level monsters of basic strength, and only succeeded due to the assistance of Kisara Copri.

Bird using his mechanical arm to unsuccessfully battle monsters.

Following the loss of his arm, Bird has gained a mechanical replacement that he can launch at his enemies for a powerful ranged attack. He is not particularly good at aiming it, however, and frequently misses his target. He is also stated to possess a drill attachment for it, though he has yet to be seen using it.

While his Level Cap and Skill Levels are unknown, his inability to keep up with Matilda Mateury after she leveled up to the mid-40's implies that his cap is somewhere within the range of 40, meaning that he has fairly high potential. It would also mean he has reached said cap.

 In-Game Edit

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  • He is the first male playable character besides Rance to ever appear in the series. He has notably never been playable again after his debut despite appearing several times.
  • He shares several similarities with Arios Theoman. Both are more traditionally heroic warriors with many girlfriends who serve as rivals to Rance. However, while Rance genuinely despises Arios, he considers Bird to be little more than a joke. Additionally, while both are presented as Rance's opposite in terms of character, Bird is revealed to be much more similar to Rance than he initially appears to be.
  • While he is one year older than Rance, as he spent three years trapped in Genbu Castle, where time does not pass, he is physically two years younger than him.
  • In the Rance Quest Popularity Poll, Bird ranked 11th in the male characters category.
  • Bird's current list of known girlfriends and their reasons for leaving him includes:
    • Nay Wrong: Caught Bird trying to cheat on her.
    • Kyouko Yoshikawa: Bird forgot about her and left.
    • Kisara Copri: Tricked by Rance into thinking Bird raped her.
    • Copandon Dott: Realized Bird's fortune was "Unlucky" not "Very Lucky" and lost interest.
    • Matilda Mateury: Got bored with Bird after he couldn't keep up with her during training.

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