My name is Bird. Bird Lithfie. You said your name was Sill, right? Thank you. You saved my life.
Are you alright, Sill? Ah, I'm glad.
Rance, Rance, Rance... Why are you always talking about him, Sill? What's so good about a man that treats you like a slave? Forget about that kind of guy. Instead of looking at Rance, look at me. I love you. If we manage to get out of this cave, let's get married. I assure you I'll make you happy.
Rance... you're the one that treats Sill like a slave, aren't you? I love her. I can't leave her with you.
Tch... Why... Why is Sill... with this guy...
What are you saying? Rance, please don't talk about women like they're objects.
Rance, this time I won't lose to you.
Rance... Hey, wait a second! I-I haven't even said anything yet!
I'll... I'll... Protect Kisara from you no matter what, Rance.
Ah... R-Rance... Copandon, we're in danger. Please, come with me...
Sill, I'll save you from this demon one day...
N-no... that's not what I meant, Copandon. I love you. You'll always be most important to me.
We won't be accompanying you, Rance. I learned my lesson last time.
...No, that's... I would never hate someone or feel envious, but... It just came out. I'm kind of embarrassed.
...Copandooon! I love you! I love you too!
Could Rance really be... It's for the best, though. That man was a danger to the entire world.
If I see a girl whose in trouble, I just can't leave her alone... I've been this way ever since since I was a child... But... But that Rance... Sill... She was already his lover... B-but Kisara was... She was mine... But then... She suddenly started hating me... I'm sure Rance did something to her... A-and then Copandon... He also took her from me... W-we were going out... We even promised to go to the land of happiness together... But then... I was robbed of her... And trapped in that horrible castle on top of that... I just want to be with a nice girl... and maybe do a little bit of naughty stuff with her...

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