Father! I finally did it! I've successfully created magic creatures out of monster cards! They're called Kids.

Nanas, announcing to his father his successul creation.

Birth of the Kids
Type Interception
Objective Obtain Monster Cards
New Units Stourin Wald, Murat Carson, Rick Addison (Mamatoto), Arvy Alphoria, Wang Dalao
Chapter's Protagonist Nanas Alphoria
Location Mamatoto (Country)

Birth of the Kids is the Prologue of Mamatoto: A Record of War, and the starting chapter of the game.


Mamatoto is a nation that consists only of a moving fortress alone. While fast and with very talented people, it is a very small nation with very few people, making it one of the world's weakest countries. Nanas Alphoria is the prince and tactician of the debilitated nation of Mamatoto who's currently at war with the equally weakened nation of Zazam. Euphorically, he runs to his father's location announcing his successful creation of the Kids System, magically crafted warriors that can potentially greatly increase the military power of Mamatoto. His father, Kakaro Alphoria, is an unmotivated man who quickly gets excited over his son's discovery and tells Nanas to mass-produce the Kids for combat. Unfortunately, Nanas reveals a drawback of his system. Since it uses Monster Cards as resources to imbue the Kids with magical power to make them function, Mamatoto's lack of resources only allowed him to make a handful few of Kids. In order to fix this, Nanas plans in going to the Monster Realm in order to defeat a Monster Fortress to obtain the resource needed. While King Kakaro points out the danger of this mission since Mamatoto could get crushed by a powerful Monster Fortress and leave them vulnerable to Zazam, he deposits all his faith in his son and consents his plan.

The General Nanas meets with the five loyal commanders of Mamatoto, who all have a deep trust for him. Stourin Wald, Murat CarsonArvy Alphoria, Rick Addison and Wang Dalao. The mission is to find a Monster Fortress and defeat it in order to obtain Monster Cards to produce Kids.  When Mamatoto arrives to the Monster Realm, they quickly find a Monster Fortress and a battle begins with the group of monsters.


Nanas's AdviceEdit

"The enemy has one offensive squad. Go straight to the defense! They're going to attack from straight on. They number only ten, but they have one monster called a combat engineer that destroys internal facilities of fortresses, so at least make sure that one doesn't get through the front line. Also, they have an ogre. Ogres are slow, but definitely powerful. Be careful. Only one of you will deploy in the front line battle. I'll let you bring all of the Kids we currently have."


  • Total Number: 10
  • Initial: 4 Kobolds, 2 Orcs, 1 Ogre.
  • Reinforcements: 1 Orc, 2 Kobolds
  • Others: 1 Combat Engineer (40%)
  • Treasure Chest: Green Stone
  • Gold: 10

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>>>> Next Chapter: Return from the Brink of Destruction


  • Due to being a Tutorial chapter, the combat engineer always destroys a Cheer Plant in the battle.
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