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Bokudakeno Hokenshitsu
Bokudake no Hokenshitsu
Bokudakeno Hokenshitsu - package
(c)アリスソフト Box art
Brand AliceSoft
Release date 2009/07/24
Genre / Rating ADV / 18+
Base price 2800
Voice Partial

Premise Edit

Ayato Yuu (綾戸 悠) is the only E-ranked senior student. If he misses any more classes or even just shows up late, he will not be able to graduate. In order to improve his rank, he needs to do After School Lessons, which are chores that can grant him extra class units.

Newly arriving at the academy as the Nurse Teacher is Hiiragi Mana (柊 真那). Beautiful, gentle, and kind, Mana instantly became an idol of all the male students. She is betrothed to the Principle's son, Houjou Motonori (宝丞 元徳).