Unit DescriptionEdit

A talented warrior that was tempered in real combat.

His helpfulness towards others makes him easy for his subordinates to love and keeps his unit's camaraderie strong.

However, as they've never actually received formal training, they simply don't have the fighting power of a military unit.

Has no special skills.


  • You start with him, but shortly lose him. To reobtain him, first reobtain Soul and call her in the harem twice. You'll then receive a letter from Bound as a random start-of-turn event. After that, visit the library until you get an event involving Maria, then visit the Thief`s Hideout.


  • He's required to get Soul's happy ending.
  • He's a lousy unit, but he can be used to talk with Ho-Raga and, since you are never going to deploy him in combat anyway, the loss of his troops hardly matters.


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