Romanization Ba-kusuham
Race Dark Lord
Sex Male
World The Continent
Appeared in Little Vampire

About Edit

The first Dark Lord to appear in an Alice Soft game, Ramon C. Burksham was a loyal servant of Demon King Gi.

He's now a blood soul because of Dark Lord Noce. his blood soul's whereabouts are unknown.

Personal HistoryEdit

GI???? - He is turned into a Dark Lord by Demon King Gi.

LP0001 - Burksham kidnapped Miki and brought her to the "Great Tower of Evil" to make her fully awaken as the Demon King. Kentarou pursued, and used the magic item "Red Tear" to cause Ramon to start drowning in bloody tears. After Kentarou escaped with Miki, Dark Lord Noce appeared and stabbed Burksham to death.



Apostle Earthy Julietta

He had the ability to fly, and was vampiric in nature.

He had the powers of clairvoyance, and could make very accurate predictions, this made him a valuable asset to Gi.

He had three apostles, all of which are the greatest fortune tellers on the continent, one of his apostles is a legendary girl named Earthy Julietta, she wanders the continent and will tell your future with 100% accuracy if you give her a piece of candy. Another one of his Lucy Jiuletta a co-founder of zeth.


  • He is responsible for miki becoming the demon king.

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