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Byroad's appearance in Rance IX.

Byroad is an enchanted sword that has been passed down through several generations of generals of the Leazas Red Corps. It is easily identified by its blade, which is extremely long, close to two meters in length, and radiates with a deep crimson color at all times. The magical enchantment allows for its blade to extent itself to be several times greater than its already massive size, giving it an incomparable amount of reach for a sword, as well as preventing it from ever breaking or degrading in quality over time.

Despite the amazing abilities bestowed to Byroad by its enchantment, its blade is actually fairly dull, giving it a low amount of cutting power that makes it much weaker than even the most common swords. As a result of this, it is traditionally used exclusively for ceremonial purposes, with its beautiful and intimidating appearance used as a symbol of the incomparable power of the Red Corps, rather than for actual combat. However, the flexibility granted to the sword by its magical enchantment makes it the ideal weapon for Rick Addison, the Red Corps' most recent general, as its properties enhance the power and range of his special skill "By La Way". It is because of this that Rick has become the first Red Corps general in the history of the nation of Leazas to actually use the sword in combat, to a point where it has over time grown to become a signature of Rick himself rather than for the Red Corps as a whole as he has achieved global infamy as the "Red Reaper of Leazas".

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  • Its name is translated as "By Lord" in the English translation of Kichikuou Rance.

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