Charge!! You're good girls, so don't get injured!

—Café, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A priestess with exceedingly high abilities, despite how she looks.

All of her troops were prostitutes, but they're surprisingly strong in battle, even exceeding the Leazas Royal Guard.

Thanks to her power, her unit recover notably faster than average.

Has no special skills beyond the fast regeneration of troops.


  • Visit Ho-Raga with Rance or Kentarou and ask about the past.
  • Visit British in the Thief Cave next to Leazas Castle and obtain his gold statue.
  • Find Lady's group, which appears randomly, usually in Helman territories but possibly elsewhere. After you've visited them twice, Lady will talk to Chaos. Ask for her to give you her gold statue, which she will refuse.
  • You must have Chaos or the conversation will not trigger. Nikkou has no special reaction to Cafe.
  • Visit a third time and tell Lady that you will return her body to normal in exchange for the statue, then take her to the Uncurse Spring at the bottom of the Uncurse Dungeon. She will then join you as well as give you her statue.


  • If you take Lady by force, she will be placed in your prison and it will become impossible to recruit her. You will instead recruit a Carfeknight, which is like Cafe's unit but without any of the commander attributes. (Unhappy Ending)
  • Returning her to normal gets you her happy ending.
  • Replinishes troops faster than most other units.


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