Yeah. Everyone was killed...I was the only survivor...but I had nowhere to go, so I stayed here after the scary people left.'re nice.
Um, eheheh...I'm happy...You're like a mom and dad. They said the same thing to me. So...I'm really glad.
I wanna be able to help everyone. They don't hate me for some reason. It makes me happy..
Oh, this rock's like candy. It's cute. Can I take it, Rance?
My mom and dad and grampa and gramma tattooed these on me. This one's for health, this one's for good control over your insects, this one's for happiness...
Insect users are despised. So much that my whole tribe was I stay with you, I might just cause you problems.
Yeah, I have to be careful about what I eat all the time. The legendary insect user had over twenty different types of insects, so he had to eat all day to feed them in time...
Lord have mercy....Rocky's always saying that, so I thought it was normal. It's not?

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