Camilla BathoryEdit

"Become my servant..." - Vampire Camilla

The president of Nightmare Eyes. Despising humans, she thinks of them like farm animals. She loves Pram Note: Vampire Camilla's profile

Battle quote - Camilla (Human)

  • "I... I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not..."
  • "...however, I shall not let you pass by here."


  • "Camilla" is actually intentional differences of "Carmilla" which is the name of a book also the name of a female vampire as well.
  • the original names are "Bram", "Bathori", and "Carmilla" but AliceSoft changed them to "Pram", ""Bathory" and "Camilla"
  • Camilla is based on Elizabeth Bathori, the Bloody Countess of legend
  • Many women from Nightmare Eyes are dead in Camilla's home
  • In her vampire form, she has crimson nails (Really long nails) and red eyes. She wears black dress. Her special skill, "Bloodsuck"
  • In her human form, she has green eyes. She holds a book assumed she is magician. She looks very gentle.

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