List of Cards of DarknessEdit

Alucard Vampire


The lord of the undead, and the father of all vampires.

He desires the blood of virgin girls, even now he is increasing his number of apostles. Any human that is bitten by him will become the general type of powerful vampire ancestor, and it is said that any vampire bitten by him will return to being garbage.

He is the only thing that the noble vampires fear.


The ruler of the 13th level of Hades. The Spider Queen, Atlach-Nacha.

She’s the ruler of all negative life and spins the thread of fate. When many lives are extinguised, her thread shines like a jewel. She makes her web out of it, and when it has covered Hades, it’s said that all thing will die and be reborn.

For that reason, she is also known by the name Twilight of the Gods, as not even they can escape from death.



The ruler of the ninth level of Hades. The incarnation of fallen beauty.

No woman has ever escaped from his beauty, and as he is also the incarnation of lust, he’s made his level of Hades into a huge harem. Anyone who ravages his territory is slain by his sword.

Despite his frail looks, he’s still one of the rulers of Hades. His main worry is never having been in love. For all time he’s waited to meet one more beautiful than he.

The Rack


The ruler of the fourth level of Hades. A violent, cruel demon. He’s the most demonic of the demons and loves making contracts for souls.

He’s the one who made a contract with Gorkiuss, whose soul became a blood red gem in his hand and became his power source. He makes contracts to his advantage, but his clients never notice.

If you’r seduced by his wiles, you’ll be no more than this demon’s apostle.

Lich of the Storm


A lich that is like a storm. He spreads plague and rots away any weak life he comes across.

In the past he was a famous wizard known and respected as the Red Healer, but now he’s dyed with darkness and loves said darknesss. It’s unlikely he can return to how he once was. However, that was the path he wanted to take, and he has no regrets. Ever since he began to feel revulsion toward persisting life long...



The King of Martial Arts. He is called such for sweeping all the martial arts tournaments in the world, and received much honor and respect. However, when he became so strong that nobody could compete with him, he changed.

“Anyone will do. Fight me!”. He will always attack any living thing he encounters. If you meet him, there’s only one way to survive. Beat Shunanukuaa...

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