List of Cards of FireEdit

Toom Galeo


He’s the Only One who can make the wild flame his apostle and control it. His personality is not fiery, rather, it’s closer to calmly flowing lava.

Despite being the ruler of the Wolrd of Flame, he does nothing but sit. He leaves all authority to his child, Flare, and continues to sit to this day. However, Galeo’s last name means dormant volcano.  He’s charging his energy to defend the World of Flame in The Last War.



The one who governs the World of Flame, at her father’s orders. As her flames come from her father, they are calm flames.

Some worship her, but seem dissatisfied about worshipping a goat. When fire is given to those freezing in a blizzard, or a bonfire in winter is warm, it is her work. If she did not rule over the flames, they’d do nothing but burn things away. “Fire should be gentle” is what she always says.

Fire Booster


A young shaman and martial artist that fights using flames as a medium to create a giant copy of himself.

He has lost many times when he didn’t have fire as a catalyst and couldn’t use his full power, but ever cince a hibati he found in a dungeon began accompanying him, he’s won every fight he was in.

His legendary winning strak has still yet to be broken.



The strongest wizard in the world, called the controller of sorcery. After he learned all magic, he decided to eradicate it and attacked the spell book storage in Caucasus.

“Zero”, a spell he made, burned one book after another. He was sent to another world by Caucasus’s eight higuest wizards, where he is now, but it’s said he will one day come back and steal all magic from the world.

His real name is Gandalf.

Zott The Great


The boss of a great band of thieves that travels to various countries.

His huge, unsightly body is actually mostly well-honed least, that’s what he says. Well, whether it’s muscle or flab, it doesn’t change that he’s strong.

Just as in his youth, he only cares about food, booze, gold and good women.

Dragon of Legend


Dragons are spoken of in fairy tales and are now so low in number as to be legendary. In the distant past, there was war between dragons, and a single evil dragon killed all of the dragons that sided with the gods.

Hundreds of thousands of years later, it was said he died, too, but in reality, his war wounds were recovering in a barren land. Another nightmare begins. All life will be burned by his destructive breath!

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