List of Cards of LightEdit

Karura Myojin


The legendary miko. She is the best shaman in the world. Karura is an inherited name. Her god is Marici.

She often ends up in predicaments due to her stubborn nature. Her grandmother, the former Karura, tried everything to fix her personality, but nothing worked. It was futile. Her stubbornnes is hereditary. Even she died, she wouldn’t regret it, because she’s true to herself. Just like her deceased father.

Unicorn Knight


A unicorn-headed warrior. He is a champion of justice who saves the weak and crushes the strong.

It is said that he was born when a unicorn gave its life to a young man who died for a just cause, but the details are unknown. His excellent swordsmanship is reinforced by the unicorn’s evil-slaying power.

Lady Monoceron


The princess of the mythical beasts known as monocerons.

She normally takes form of an animal, but sometimes (when she feels like it), she takes a human form. She possesses some evil-slaying power as all one-horned beasts do, but in the end, even in human form, she’s still an animal.

Her intelligence isn’t low, but she fundamentally acts on instinct.



The Leader of the “Powers”, rank of angel. She’s also called “The Shining Wings” and “The Piercing Light”.

There are many legends of a woman defeating a demon, being praised as a powerful woman and being bestowed with this name. In those legends, she’s said to have six wings, but she appears to have two. That’s due to it not being her true form.

Her real power isn’t released until she transforms into an angel of battle.

Minon Meal


The first prince of a small country that overthrew its monarchy shortly after he was born. After overcoming many hardships, he recently came back and took the throne.

Thanks to having experienced the troubles of his people, he is deeply compassionate, highly generous, and it is believed he will be remembered as a wise ruler.

His sword is proof of his royal heritage, the intelligence sword Akatsukimaru.

Granddie Kaiph


The pope. He’s the only man in the world that can use revival magic, but he tells nobody. The reason is that the spell requires the evil act of sacrificing the life to another to function, and even if a sacrifice is prepared, the chance that the spell will be successful is low.

He has respect for the law and is known for being just, but in his youth he was a normal thug. After he met the former pope, he began to love everything.

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