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The Cartwheel Sword is the signature technique of Uesugi Kenshin, JAPAN's legendary Goddess of War. It is largely through this skill that Kenshin has earned her terrifying reputation.


The technique consists of Kenshin diving toward her opponent headfirst while rotating her sword around her body in a hurricane of slashes, causing her to attack everything within range of her for massive amounts of damage. The power with which Kenshin slashes her sword while performing this move creates a wind vacuum around her, which pulls enemies inward to prevent their escape. Its movements are graceful and fluid, almost resembling a dance, but also ferocious and powerful, causing it to inspire both awe and fear in her opponents. While it normally consists of four consecutive sword rotations, when in top form, Kenshin can perform up to seven, though she has yet to face an opponent that has required her to do so. The effectiveness of this technique has been proven during Kenshin's battles with Rance and Leila Grecni, both very talented warriors who were nonetheless knocked off balance and defeated when it was used against them.

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