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Japanese コーラ
Romanization kōra
Race Gods
Sex Female
Status Alive
World The Continent
Affiliation Hero System
Appeared in Rance X


Cola is the Hero's guide, noticed for being the teacher and companion of the Guardian Hero of the World. When a new boy or girl is elected to become the new hero, she presents infront of the new chosen one and notifies him or her about the new title. She's the one that trains the Hero.

Cola is in reality a Goddess that works directly for Supreme God Planner, and her objective is to guide the Hero in his quest, but she's also the one that continuously pulls the strings from the shadows to produce chaos so the Hero can fix it. This is done to prevent the Hero from being overboard and generate too much peace, since the Hero is a Balance Breaker by nature.

She also has a compass that indicates the current state of power the Hero Sword Escude is in. The compass shows human mortality based on the souls in circulation of the Reincarnation Cycle, which is information that would otherwise be unknown by the Hero.

She's a small girl with a cape and has a serious unfriendly face.