The Leazas Red Corps facing the invading Army.

The Conflict at the Parapara Fort was a battle that took place in the year GI1015, where an alliance between Helman and Zeth was formed in an attempt to invade Leazas.

The name was given due to the place where the battle was fought, the well known Parapara Fort that serves a barricade between Leazas and Zeth, relatively close to the Adam Stronghold that belongs to Zeth. Usually, Helman is incapable of getting to the Parapara Fort since in order to do so, it needs to pass through Zeth territory, while Zeth considered that by themselves they were incapable of breaking through Leazas' Fort, so they decided to side for the first time against a common enemy.

The invasion was initiated by the Helman Army, sending a powerful force of Knights and Soldiers to attack the Fort frontally. Meanwhile, Zeth would use mages to nuke Leazas from afar and destroy their defenses. The combined effort of the two nations represented a fearful threat, but they lacked trust and reliance in each other, which resulted in their communication and teamwork being extremely poor. 

The invading army was blocked by the Leazas Red Corps, the unit of Leazas that consists of 800 elite soldiers, with small numbers but high quality. Led by the young yet extremely talented General Rick Addison, the Leazas Army managed to turn the tides of the battle in a fierce counter-offensive handled with incredible profficiency of the General. Rick led the charge in the frontlines, facing many Helman soldiers head on. This was the first time that his outstanding swordplay was displayed to the world, using his special skill By La Way to single-handedly slay hundreds of soldiers of Helman's Army. During the battle, with the chaos and desperation over the unexpectedly turn of events, the alliance between Helman and Zeth grew more tense, starting to turn against each other after Zeth mages would accidentally hit Helman soldiers mid-battle. 

The invading army was pulled back in a clean movement of Rick's Army, forcing both Helman and Zeth to retreat. The battle made Rick famous and gave him the nickname of the "Red Death of Leazas".