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Conversation, sometimes called Diplomacy, is a skill level that represents the expertise of an individual at communicating with others, typically via spoken language. Those with this skill level can establish fluid communication with others and hold knowledge of a wide variety of words, as much as eloquence in their manner of speaking. 

Surprisingly, this is a rather rare skill. It is also very valuable and can be used for many purposes. High narrative skills can be used to control the masses and are a great source of charisma. Individuals with Leadership skills tend to be good speakers as well.

Those with such skill level are profficient at:

  • Persuading, by giving reasonable and sensible arguments, combined with a smart and elegant choice of words.
  • Tricking, by lying, bluffing, fast-talking and/or leading other to get a wrong idea with a vague wording.
  • Intimidating, by threatening, usually with implied or rhetoric statements.
  • Negotiating, by offering the other party things that look benefitial for them.
  • Seducing, by taking advantage of the sexual desire of the other party.
  • Commanding, by guiding others in their common goal.
  • Manipulating, by employing any or all of the previously stated skills.

This is without a doubt the most important of the social skills due to how important the narrative skills can be at the time of interacting with other rational beings. 

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