I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, Rance! You'll be mine one day, for sure!
I'm a perfect, beautiful gal with a good personality by myself, but there are still guys with Great Luck who ignore me. Like you did, for example!
I don't like it when people are pushy. I'll wait until you love me so much you can't stand it. Now it'd just be sex with some side woman for you.
Now for my next challenge. Buy up all the devalued stocks I can! The lowest are probably a fifth of their original value. After they go up in value, I'll sell them and make a huge profit! Trading stocks has never been this easy. I know exactly when the prices'll go up and down.
You know about M Land, one of the Free Cities? It was just a little country next to that, but I bought the entire thing. It's called the Copa Empire!
...why...? Why won't you choose me...? Am I that bad...? I love you so much...Is it because my breasts are small? Is it because I'm older than you...? Is it because I was a virgin until just recently...? Is it because I'm not cute...? I...I know that's all true...that's why I had to find something that'd make me I saved up tons of money and even bought my own that still not enough...? Do you hate me that much...?
I'm not gonna forget what you just said. Eventually I'll have that much. When I have enough money to buy everything in the world, I'll use it to buy just you. Don't underestimate a Portuguese woman!
Rance may have Great Luck, but he's pretty dumb sometimes.
Because I'm rich...and I've made some underhanded deals, so...someone came to assassinate me. But he was actually pretty wimpy and I beat him instantly, then tossed him into a monster nest.

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