Another heroine returning from Rance 5D. She's… an odd character, to say the least. Her stats and Level Cap are pretty abysmal. Her main usage is her fortune telling attack, which might deal heavy damage to the enemies (although with a starting level cap of 27 it's not effective as you would like) … or beat the crap out of YOUR team.

Copandon's main issue are the fact that she can only be H'd rather late into the game and also leaves the party very soon after, only returning in the post-game section. Other than that, if you put the time and effort into her, she's one of the best random battlers in the game (but not much more than that).

Also, once you're able to H her, she gives you 1000 GOLD per session (always a businesswoman, Copandon likes to "buy" everything she gets), comes in handy if you need a few extra healing items or keys, but by that time doing a 100 BP run of most dungeons will give you 10k+ gold…

How to raise her max level cap to 51: When she reaches her level cap of 49, with or without the help of Starlevel the Great, do her H event because it will raise her level cap by +2 instead of Starlevel the Great by +1. No character's max level cap can be raised from 50.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • SP up is pretty much the only thing that she has, really.


Omikuji Attack
Copandon's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range. It is pretty bad, since it deals little damage and you should be using her in the backrow anyway.

Try Luck

Copandon's Main Skill that is actually a group physical attack. The result is determined by Luck, which can be increased through items or Modify Luck skill. You can randomly get any of these:

  • Great Fortune deals 400% damage to the enemy.
  • Good Fortune deals 200% damage.
  • Small Fortune deals 100% normal damage.
  • Misfortune and Great Misfortune deals damage to your team.
Improve Fortune

If it has been cast, then after battle it always increases the EXP and:

  • the somewhere appeared Adventure Achievement object with normally 3 value to 8 value,
  • the somewhere appeared treasure chest with normally 100 gold to 1000 gold,

if they appeared. Well, good luck with that.

Modify Luck
Copandon increases her chance for her Try Luck skill to beat enemies instead (after casting it equals with 1 Lucky Card?).
Tactical Withdrawal

Allows you to run away from the battle.

This is always successful when you can use it, but it doesn't work in most boss battles, where it becomes unavailable instead.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Lucky Card - This increases the effect of her main ability. Two of them wipes out the bad effect. The usefulness of that is self-explanatory.