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Cow Bambara
Japanese うしバンバラ
Romanization ushi banbara
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Strength Medium
Appeared in Rance IV, Persiom}}


Cow Bambaras are a race of Guy Monsters that look like hybrids between human male and Cows, which is why some people refer to them as "Cowmen".

They were born from the Holy Gal Monster, Bezeleye. Many years ago, a power hungry scientist called Professor Bambara, managed to capture Bezeleye and forced her to copulate with Cows, a species of Insects typically used for transportation. By breeding with these insects, she gave birth to these creatures that the Professor named after himself and turned into monster servants. It is unknown what hapenned with the scientist or with Bezeleye, but the Bambara became one of the many races of Guy Monsters that populate The Continent.

They have a pretty strange appearance, even when compared to other Bambaras. They are very muscular and with a very large frame, standing at 214 cm and weighting 175 kg. Their head is exactly the same as that of a Cow, and their limbs also resemble the Cow's, making them look closer to a Chimera rather than an actual race.

They employ mostly martial arts in combat, relying on just punching their opponents to death. Their bodies are built and suitable for combat, easily turning them into more powerful fighters than their half-brothers the Ham Bambara. They are not as obstreperous and ill-mannered as their brothers however, and are not nearly as gross or rude as them. Like Cows they are somewhat docile and manageable, though they are still naturally hostile against humans and will immediately engage in combat against adventurers when encountered.