Cow Tamer
Japanese うし使い
Romanization ushi tsukai
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Appeared in Toushin Toshi 2, Rance VI, Shinyaku Toushin Toshi}}


The Cow Tamer is a sub-class of Gal Monster, being a rare type of monster that fights by taming Insects known as Cows. While humans frequently breed and tame Cows for transportation purposes, this unique kind is inherently and instinctively capable of taming them and develop a close relationship with them, being almost never seen without their companion. 

Like the name implies, they are natural tamers greatly skilled at forming bonds with Cows in particular, using them for mobilizing everywhere and they live with them at all times. The average Cow Tamer is around 152 cm tall and weights 54 kg, and most of them have an orange hair that combines well with the Cow's color. They are usually seen wearing light armor with a cape, a winged cap and boots. Sometimes they are seen wielding a sword as well, but this is fairly rare. Most of the time, Cow Tamers rely entirely on their loyal pet to fight alongside them, using them to frontally charge against their opponents with their horned head. There are some rarer Cow Tamers that clad their Cow in a heavier armor, more specialised for combat, and they are better versed in combat combat maneuvers. 

They are usually a lot faster than human fighters, which grant them an upperhand in battle, and their leading allows the Cows to exploit their strength to its fullest. Their greatest strength is the impeccable talent they possess to form stretch bonds with Cows. Despite this, they lack any fighting ability themselves and there's only so many tactical maneuvers to employ Cows in combat, as their fighting style is very simple and straightforward, which is why Adventurers often don't have a hard time dealing with them. 

If they are captured they are usually distanced from their loyal Cow and sold alone, though there are some instances in which the Cow is captured and sold along with the Cow Tamer.


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