Pulling off successful strategies is what I live for.

—Cream, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A woman that was formerly a tactician in the Helman Army.

Her fighting power by herself is nonexistent, but she possesses the ability to lead her allies to victory with strategies that are minutely crafted, no matter how small the fight.

Has no special skills.


  • Defeat her in battle while fighting Helman, and choose to make her your subordinate. Note that if you fight her and Nero's unit 3 times without either killing Nero Chapet VII or capturing her, she will die.


"A tactician that was in the Helman Army, but decided to work for me.

Smart girls tend to have some intense sex, but I wonder about Cream...I should test a lot of things on her." -Rance


  • If you don't field her in 2 months, she will leave you.
  • If her strategy skill triggers 11 times, she will get her happy ending.


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