The Cross Cave in Widenyo is a hazardous, interdimensional cave and gate.  It is infinitely long and deep, and appears to be a birthplace for Monsters, generating them ad-infinitum.

Every Cross-Cave level is identical in appearance, a flat, slate-colored cave with jagged walls.  They are all incredibly dangerous, however, as from the depths of the infinite Cross-Cave blows the Wind, which is hazardous to anything that might delve deeper into it.  Inversely, the monsters escaping the cave have their backs to the Wind, and are not damaged by it.  As one approaches the source of the Wind, it grows in strength and danger, necessitating that any life form delving deeper into the Cross-Cave grow stronger and stronger if he wishes to continue his search.

Great treasures from other dimensions and the priceless resource of Summon Ore are all free for the taking in the Cross-Cave.  Vast interdimensional gates leading to foreign worlds and alternate dimensions lie gaping open in its depths, patiently awaiting adventurers who might brave them.

What lies at the center of the Cross Cave? 

What new and exciting treasures await just one more floor below the one you are on?

And how exactly will you survive...?