this is an attempt to organise some of the information from Afker's Daiakuji IRC logs. For the time being, your best source remains the original documents --DocClox 21:34, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


Daiakuji is an alternate history story where the US is an ultra-feminist society. The story is set after WWII (or it's alternate earth equivalent) with Japan defeated by nuclear force, and America with a permanent military presence on Japanese soil and trying to impose its own (feminist) values on traditional Japanese society.

Against this backdrop, you play Yamamoto Akuji, newly released POW and heir apparent to the biggest crime family in Osaka. However claiming your inheritance is not as straight forward as you might wish, and starts you on the path to control of the entire city.

Either that or dead. Dead, or running a sushi shop in Osaka. Hard to decide which fate is worse really.


The game can be divided into distinct phases, each of them characterised by war against one of the factions in the game.


The opening sequence is largely a set piece, with two (un-winnable) combats and one H-scene. Briefly, Akuji gets off the boat after being released by the Americans, andgoes home to find out his step-mom is in charge and that he's no longer welcome in his old home. This starts the first unwinnable combat. After that, he gets chucked out of Wakame territory and into that of the "young people service group" a sort of YMCA self help faction with a single territory. Akuji's second fight is against the girls that act as enforcers for this group. Badly injured from the last fight, Akiuji loses one as well, but manages to turn the tables after they arrest him and persuade the girls to his point of view.

Akuji now controls a single territory and three subordinates. The game begins in earnest.


Wakame GroupEdit


Peach MountainEdit

City CouncilEdit

The AmericansEdit

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