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Ending 1 - True Ending 1 (連合艦隊)Edit


  • Japanification Plan has no impact to this ending.
  • Accept the tri-pact with Dokutsu and Italin.
  • Recruit Retia Adolf, Katherine, Carol Kiring, Eagle Douglas, Mau Mau, and Sarah Britten.
  • Do not recruit Scarlet.
  • Invade Canada before USJ. (Conquer Hawaii before Turn 30, and complete the two warp-gate events./ you can conquer Arabia or Chernobyl before turn 30 too it's not needed to be hawaii, if rance appears in your gameplay you can discover the warp gate from hawaii to canada)
  • Do not capture Eliza Britten in Suez. Instead, trigger Aeris's warp-gate invasion.
  • Complete Mau Mau's events before they expire.
  • Complete all events for major characters.
  • Conquer all regions.
  • Select 「邪教の秘密神殿を調査」.
  • Fight disaster battles.

Clear Bonus: Court Lady

Ending 2 - True Ending 2 (Combined Fleet)Edit


  • Recruit Scarlet Kiring. (Refuse Japanization Plan)
  • Complete all other conditions for Ending 1.

Clear Bonus: Astro Panda

Ending 3 - The Best Gift (最高のプレゼント)Edit


  • Refuse Japanification Plan.
  • Have Tougou battle Scarlet.
  • After three battles, choose 「一途に愛する」.
  • Do her events before they expire. Do not H other girls(Generic admirals count towards this as well) after start Scarlet Event.

Clear Bonus: Astro Cat

Ending 4 - Date with Everyone (みんなでデート)Edit


  • Complete all conditions for Ending 3 with one exception—either do not complete Scarlet's events, or H other girls.

Clear Bonus: Astro Monkey

Ending 5 - Together with Mikado (帝とともに)Edit


  • Accept Japanification Plan.
  • Obtain sakura symbols, full Public Peace, in 25+ regions.
  • Conquer all star systems.
  • Do ending event, The Emperor.

Clear Bonus: Astro Dog / Mikado's System Voice

Ending 6 - Towards True Unity (真の統一を目指して)Edit


  • Accept Japanification Plan.
  • Do not obtain sakura symbols, full Public Peace, in 25+ regions. (Once a sakura symbol appears, it counts towards the total.)

Clear Bonus: Ship Cost -20%

Ending 7 - World Peace Was Brought (平和になった世界で)Edit


  • Refuse Japanification Plan.
  • Take more than 30 turns to conquer Hawaii or Arabia or Chernobyl.
  • Make all major countries surrender (Aeris, UHOS, Gamerika, O'France)
  • Note that if you do Scarlett's events choose 「今までどおり」 or just don't do her events.

Clear Bonus: "Love" / Maki's System Voice

  • "Love" gives a selected admiral the following effects.
    • Command Point +90
    • Locked ship slots unlocked. (Certain admirals, such as Yubari, Tougou, Mikado etc., are exception.)
    • Growth Rate +2%

Ending 8 - Ultimate Idol (アルティメットアイドル)Edit


  • Accept the tri-pact with Dokutsu and Italin.
  • Reach Suez(take over a planet beside a Dokutsu planet) or eliminate Gamerica before Dokutsu falls.
  • After Soviet, Gamerica, and Aeris falls, war will begin against Dokutsu. Conquer an adjacent region to Berlin within 30 turns (Around turn 70), or face game over.
  • Afterwards, you'll lose all your territories and be sent back to Japan.
  • Survive three rounds of combat and you're done.
  • Alternatively if you move fast enough, you can just blitzkrieg and invade Berlin before most of the events happen and you will still get the same ending.

Clear Bonus: Habsburg Lady

Ending 9 - We Got Married (私たち結婚しました)Edit


  • Complete King Core mode.

Clear Bonus: None