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This page contains events for each admiral during the Event Phase.

This page does not contain events outside of each admiral(special events, etc.) Recommend adding them.

Japanese EmpireEdit

Tougo TsuyoushiEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
もてもて海軍長官 (Being popular) Initial -
Family breakfast Previous Event Done -
もてもてもて海軍長官 (Being more popular) Previous Event Done Shipbuilding cost -5%
もてもてもてもて海軍長官 (Beign super popular) Previous Event Done, 20 stars conquered Shipbuilding cost -5%

パパラッチがやってきた (The Paparazzi)

Hawaii (ハワイ) Occupied HCG, Command +30

(Maki's Secret)

Previous Event Done, Turn 30+

(Note that only the previous one is needed)

Tougo’s skill becomes ”大戦術” (STac - Superb Tactician)

Ozawa MatsuriEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

電脳娘の秘密 (Ozawa's secret)

Initial -

捜し物は何?(What are you looking for? / Looking for something?)

Previous Event Done



(Work of Kusayoshi)

Previous Event Done -


Previous Event Done -

ハッキング大作戦(Hacking Operation)

Previous Event Done HCG,Second Slot becomes Aircraft +20%

三次元の長官ラブ(3D Love Minister)

Previous Event Done -

恋のライバル(Love rivals)

Previous Event Done -

メスブタと罵って下さい(Please abuse me)

Previous Event Done HCG, Command +30

Nagumo KeikoEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

南雲艦隊は家庭的 (A domestic woman)

Initial -

夫婦喧嘩?(The angry husband)

Previous Event Done -

真希とお留守番(Taking care of Maki)

Previous Event Done CG

世話好き提督(An admiral in love)

Previous Event Done -

けじめの決別(Parting hurts)

Previous Event Done -


Previous Event Done -

酔っ払い圭子さん(Keiko gets drunk)

Previous Event Done HCG, Command +30

Yamamoto MugenEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Respect your elders Initial -
Visiting grampa Previous Event Done. Must have triggered event where Yamamoto collapses during an offensive battle. -
Knocking on heavens door Previous Event Done -
Who will be my heir? Previous Event Done Command +30

Koga HitomiEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

勉強中の新米提督(a grad student)

Keep sortieing Yamamoto Mugen in offensive battles, and eventually an event where he vomits blood occurs. Take him into battle again, and he dies and Koga Hitomi becomes an admiral.

Yamamoto Mugen dies Koga Hitomi recuited (starts at Yamamoto Mugen's level when he dies)

眠っていた資質(Natural desires)

After Previous Event Done, have her participate in a battle, allowing her fleet to be damaged. At the start of her 2nd phase of said battle, a scene should occur, after which this event becomes available.



Previous Event Done -
裏人格は鬼軍曹(The drill seargent) Previous Event Done -
不安を癒そう(Let me heal your soul) Previous Event Done HCG
裏人格と丁半勝負(An odd gamble) Previous Event Done -
裏人格と再勝負(Rematch, please!) Previous Event Done HCG, Command +30

Yamashita RikoriEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

A rebellious minister

Initial -

Raise the army budget

Previous Event Done -


(Rikori's Crisis)

Previous Event Done, Gamerika is Hostile (Didn't appear as of turn 18, maybe there are some additional requirements) (3 start of turn events after Previous Event Done?)



(Rikori Thanks Tougou)

Previous Event Done HCG, 1 time assault automatic wins


(The Loyal Minster)

Previous Event Done -


(A New Battlefield)

Previous Event Done -


(An Aniversary)

Previous Event Done HCG
(A Senior Officer) Previous Event Done -

Ugaki SakuraEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

The Relentless Diplomat

Initial Ugaki Sakura joins

Fukuhara IzumiEdit

Event name Requirements Effect
Auto event Japanization route Fukuhara izumi joins


(A True Patriot)

Requires Fukuhara izumi to be in the fleet -


(Stubborn Seduction)

Previous Event Done HCG


(Doubting Taira)

Previous Event Done Izumi won't leave with Taira
Time to move on

Izumi in fleet, True Japan appears

HCG, Command points +30

Hiraga TsunamiEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The cats whisperer

Turn 5 (If not done before, it might happen as a beginning of turn event around turn 10)

Unlocks tier 2 ships


(Worried without Hisashige / Where is Hisashige?)

Previous Event Done -
A love interest Previous Event Done -
No progress? Previous Event Done -
Hisashige is gone Previous Event Done HCG
A great opportunity Previous Event Done HCG, Invention cost -10%

Tanaka RaizouEdit

Event Name Requirements effect
The fearless punk Initial -
Guard duty madness Previous Event Done 3rd slot +40%, Next battle, command points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect
A god among men Kamikaze ceremony event Shibagami joins
Guardian of japan Previous event done -
Mikado's decision Previous event done -
Meeting Mikado Japanization route only, after Mikado replaces shibagami -
The Secret Japanization route only, Previous event done -


Event Name Requirements Effect
Auto Event Yubari is destroyed in offensive battle once or few times

DOES NOT HAPPEN unless Tougou and Yubari have participated in at least two invasions together. A scene is triggered at the start of both invasions. Yubari can then be destroyed in the second invasion onwards.

Yubari was deleted from Admiral list
A miracle

Retia's Genius on the move event

Previous Event Done

Yubari has been add to Admiral list
Naughty things Previous Event Done CG
An old art After maxing her level Yubari will gain her second slot, which is fixed with a ship providing only "Great Air Defense."

Scarlett Tougou / スカーレット・東郷Edit

Event Name Requirements Effect
記憶喪失の妻 (Amnesia Wife) Defeat Scarlett 3 times with Tougou in the group Major decision with ending
日本軍に参加 (Joining the Japanese Army) Previous Event Done Scarlett has been added to theAdmiral list
家族の時間 (Family Time) Previous Event Done and after participating in one battle CG
夫婦に戻ろう (Return of the Marriage) Previous Event Done and after participating  in two more battles. HCG, Command Point + 30, Required event for ending 3

Chun EmpireEdit


Event name Requirements Effect


(Result of Anti-Japanese Education)

Ranfa captured in nanjing, Hiraga Tsunami's The cat whisperer event done Ranfa joins fleet


(Scared of the Japanese / Scared of Japan)

Previous event done -
Feeling home Previous event done -
Gamerican ideals Previous event done -
A strange fetish Previous event done HCG
80% honest Previous event done HCG, command points +30


Event name Requirements Effect
Poisoned by sharism Rinfa captured in beijing Rinfa recruited


(Listen to me)

Previous Event Done HCG


(Only Preach to One Man / I preach sharism)

Previous Event Done HCG
Let's share a bed Lidiya in fleet -
No more sharism? Previous Event Done HCG, Admiral skill removed, Command points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect
A meeting in beijing Tougou in beijing HCG
Auto event: hanitora spreads photos 2 turns after "A meeting in beijing" -
Auto event: hanitora tries to kidnap mikado Peace restored in all former Chun territories, Previous Event Done -
The famous spy Previous Event Done Hanitora recruited


(Spaceship Battles: Not My Expertise) (Unprofessional)

Previous Event Done

Must be destroyed in battle once

2nd fleet bonus +40%
More growth Previous Event Done and 5 sorties 3rd fleet bonus +40%, Command points +30
Complete obedience Previous Event Done and 5 sorties

4th fleet bonus +40%, Admiral skill change to Man2 or Woman2- random

Higuchi GouyokuEdit

Event Name Requirements                             Effect                      
The Traitor Capture Higuchi Gouyoku in battle

First choice: keep him

Second one: Higuchi Gouyoku

is deleted from the Admiral list

Republic of GamericaEdit

Kathy BradleyEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
A stubborn tomboy Kathy has been captured -


(Desire to Meet / Renewed Hope)

Previous Event Done Kathy Bradley joins


(A Maiden's Heart for the First Time / A pure heart)

Previous Event Done -
I don't know love Previous Event Done -
Reading hentai Previous Event Done Admiral skill "Pen" acquired
Time to get serious Previous Event Done HCG, Command points +30

Frith HalseyEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Capture when she invades hawaii from Canada Halsey captured

Witch Hunt

Halsey captured Halsey joins
Fortune Telling Previous Event Done -


Previous Event Done -
No satisfaction Previous Event Done -
Taking responsibility Previous Event Done HCG, Command points +30
Time to get serious Previous Event Done

Lala manilaEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Manilla's beach babe Conquer Manilla 2000 Lala recruited as admiral,HCG
Japanese culture Conquer chicagoX or 15 Star Regions Captured Command points +30
A Good Habit Conquer Gatesland or 24 Star region Captured +10000 resources

Kuchiki IsabellaEdit

Event name Requirements Effect


(Treat me well)

USJ conquered and Kuchiki Captured in Battle Kuchiki Isabella recruited
Delicious food Previous Event Done -
A hybrid admiral Previous Event Done Gain admiral skill "Edu"
At the hot springs Previous Event Done HCG, Command points +30

Koo RoscheEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The cute captive President gone rogue or core revolt started Koo Rosche joins as admiral
The masterplan 10000 resources in store & sortie once Resources decrease by 10000
Childhood friends: Hannah Rock recruited HCG
The interim report Previous event done Resources increased by 2500
Evolution Previous event done Tanaka Raizou's command points +30
She's a shemale Previous event done HCG, command points +30
Good results Previous event done Resources increased by 17500

Hannah RockEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The tough girl Hannah rock freed Hannah rock recruited
The haunted dock Previous event done -
Streets of chicagoX Previous event done -
Back in chicagoX Previous event done -
Good times Previous event done and sortie 5 times HCG, Command points +30

Carol KiringEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

Family issues


Carol kiring captured Carol kiring recruited

Allergic to tougou


Previous event done -

The warship freak


Previous event done

Must sortie at least 3 times after previous event


Good relations


Previous event done -

Too close


Previous event done.

Must sortie at least 2 more times after previous event.

Scarlet does not recruit.

Disappears if you recruit Eagle Douglas




Previous event done Command points +30

Eagle douglasEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The gamerican spirit Eagle douglas recruited -
The basketball match Previous event done -
Aiming for the top Previous event done -
Running for governer Previous event done,Japanization route Command points +30

Dorothy NeumanEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The colony Conquer Gamerica Dorothy Neuman, Deganwidah, Blackhorse joins, Tougou slot 1 +30%
Interested in love? Dorothy Neuman recruited -
Companion Previous Event Done(it took quite a few turns for it to appear. Perhaps Ozawa's first event is needed?) -
The Lonely Nerd Previous Event Done HCG
Taming a Wierdo Previous Event Done HCG, Command Points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect
Political decisions Deganwidah recruited -
A wild night Previous event done HCG, Command points +30

Black horseEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The proud warrior Black horse recruited Admiral skill "Spir" gained
The awakened warrior Previous event done Command points +30

Johnny A. NixonEdit

Event Name Requiements Effect
The Captured Pilot Defeat while defending twice then capture Rabual Johnny Captured
The Prisoner Previous event done Johnny Recruited
Johnny The A Previous event done -
Tough Luck Previous event done Command points +30

David KahnhawkEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Gamerica Narcissus David captured David Recruited
The 2nd time in Japan Previous event done -
An old acquanintance Previous event done, Ranfa's events "80% Honest" Command points +30, Skill "Lady" become "Lady 2"

Aeris EmpireEdit

Victory NelsonEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect


(Japan From a Knight-Admiral's Perspective)

Capture at Battle in Arabia, Japanisation accepted -


(For the Ideal World)

Previous event done Admiral Nelson joins
A game of chess Admiral Nelson in the fleet -
The Handsome Snob Previous Event Done -
The Complaint Mary Britten in the fleet Command points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect


(Ex-Freedom Fighter for the Fatherland)

Japanization Only, Take Malay before she dies Rasshara joins



Previous Event Done -


(Nervous Flight)

Previous Event Done -
The offer Previoius Event Done HCG
Private unrest Previous Event Done -

A pink mist

Previous Event Done


Freedom fighter

Aeris Empire defeated

HCG command point +30

Femu BekoEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The rain maker Femu beko captured Femu beko recruited


(The Reason For Rain)

Sortie once -
Weather experiments Previous event done -
Don't catch a cold Previous event done HCG
The wet goddess Previous event done -
Frogs! Previous event done Command points +30

Shikoku GovernorEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect


(The Governor Returns)

Shikoku Conquered Shikoku governer recruited
Back to Japan Beat all space disasters (I did not beat all disasters, maybe it's sortie?) Command points +30 and an Unebi ship (90 hp 90 cp 240 radar 90 laser 240 missile)

Clione Al ImanEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect


(Irritated When Conquered) (hostile Takeover)

Fleet destroyed, Pay 10,000 Resources Clione Captured
Back to business Previous Event Done -
Punishment Previous Event Done, Sortie Once(?) HCG
Unpleasant chores Previous Event Done, Sortie Once(?) HCG
It's hopeless Previous Event Done, Sortie Once(?) HCG
I'm free of debt! Previous Event Done


command points +30

Saffron VedaEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

The curry girl

Saffron recruited

A hidden enemy

Fight using her once (?)

Resistance is Futile

Fruits of Labor

The Last Resort


Grow more Breast!

HCG, Command +30

Eternal Happiness

Must be sortied at least once. Must build 1 breast shrine.


Agni PushanEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

The curry boy

An abandoned puppy Clione's "It's hopeless" event Agni recruited
Puppy's revenge Agni leaves
Goldfinger Saffron Vedas "Eternal Happiness" event
Tougou took a model!
Getting groped Command +30
Like a man Agni Pushan's Skill becomes "Ass"


Event Requirements Effect
The Bald Monster Suez Captured -
Just a Puppet Previous Event Done

Parapuna joins

Parapuna Later Previous Event Done -
Small happiness Previous Event Done -
Court Me! Previous Event Done -
A Tender Heart Previous Event Done -
Raising the Flag Previous Event Done -
The Happy Coward Previous Event Done HCG

Mau MauEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Don't sink her ship when invade Kenya Mau Mau joins
Mau Mau! Previous Event Done -
A divine secret Previous Event Done -
The unveiled truth Previous Event Done HCG
How bad is it? Previous Event Done HCG, Command Points +30
The Holy Land Previous Event Done CG

John LawrenceEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

Auto event

Sarah Britten recuited John Lawrence joins

Why so serious?

Previous event done -
A rotten gift. Previous event done Command points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect

The Queen's Knight

Montgomery captured in N. Africa Montgomery joins


Previous event done -
Mature Dating Previous event done -
The Bushido Previous event done Command points +30

Mary BrittenEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Auto event Arabia conquered Mary Britten stationed in South Africa

The Queen's Sister

Mary Britten captured Mary Britten Recruited
British Charm Aeris not defeated, Previous Event Done -
May I Seduce You? Aeris not defeated, Previous Event Done -
Inside Her Heart Previous Event Done HCG
Motherly Lessons Eliza Britten recruited -
A Bit Direct Previous Event Done HCG, Command Points +30

Sarah BrittenEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Warp gate event (Autoevent) Conquer a star next to Paris, and Eliza not captured in Suez. HCG, 2 turns later Sarah and Eliza Britten Recruited
Dating royalty Previous Event Done Command Points +30
The Angry Ex-Queen Warp gate event not occured, Eliza Britten talked to Sarah Britten before conquest of London, and Sarah Britten Captured after fall of London Sarah Britten Recruited

The obstinate Ex-Queen

Previous Event Done.
Pressure Continues Previous Event Done. Let her HP fall to 0 durin an invasion, occurs a few turns afterward.
Before the Stars Previous Event Done HCG, Command Points +30

Eliza BrittenEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The Quiet Rejection Capture Eliza in Suez
Former Queen's Wish Capture Eliza in Suez. Japanization Route only.
Former Queen Eliza's Proposal Complete Event "The Quiet Rejection". Conquer Paris while Eliza is still captive. Disappears 1 turn later.
The mother catches on Capture Eliza in Suez and Sarah Joins. Eliza Britten Recruited
No. 1 Boyfriend After Montgomery Joins
Warp gate event (Autoevent) Conquer a star next to Paris, and Eliza not captured in Suez. 2 turns later Sarah and Eliza Britten Recruited

The Ascension

Previous Event Done and Complete Sarah's Event "Dating Royality" and Mary's Event "A Bit Direc".  HCG
Royal Love (also occurs as autoevent with low priority) Previous Event Done HCG (scene not saved), Command Points +30


Ermi DoenitzEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Auto event: doenitz joins Triple alliance Doenitz joins the fleet
Are you lonely? Doenitz in the fleet -
Lunchbreak Previous event done -
Auto event: doenitz rescues retia Previous event done Retia rescued
A second home Previous Auto event done -
Anxious Adolf Retia's "tanaka's date event" -
Returning the favor Retia's "The great comeback event" HCG, 1st slot +30%

Retia AdolfEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
A broken leader Retia rescued -
Tanaka's date Previous event done Tanaka Raizou's 4th slot +40%
The great comeback Doenitz's "Anxious adolf event" Retia joins the fleet
The conference Previous event done -
A genius on the move Previous event done -
Doenitz!? Previous event done, Doenitz's events cleared -
A crush on Tougou Previous event done -
A casual date Previous event done -
A revenge date Previous event done HCG
Shameless Advertising Grecia's "A partner for retia? event" HCG
A bold invitation Previous event done HCG, Retia,Doenitz's command points +30

Grecia GoebbelsEdit

Event name Requirements Effect
Full of ambition Retia rescued -
Time to act Retia's "The conference" -
A partner for Retia? Retia's "A revenge date event" HCG

Eisen MansteinEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Sharism forever Captured Manstein -
Pissed off Retia's event "The conference" Manstein recruited
New in the navy Previous event done -
A heart of iron Previous event done -
Manstein in Japan Previous event done Command points +30

El RommelEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
A fox on the Prowl Rommel liberated Rommel recruited
Dog likes Cats Previous event done Command points +30
Reunion with Adolf Retia in fleet? BB-E Rommel research option


Event Name Requirements Effect
Retia's Teacher VTVN captured in Gamerica, Ultimate idol route VTVN recruited
The Street Artist Previous event done -
An Artist's Solitude Previous event done -
Good Old Times Previous event done Command Point +30

Trieste StettinEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The Iron Lady Eisen Manstein death event occured, Ultimate idol route Trieste Stettin recruited
Can We Emigrate? Previous Event Done, Sortie once Skill becomes "Rvng"
A Popular Lady Previous Event Done, Sortie a few more times -
Melting Iron Hearts Previous Event Done, Sortie 2 times HCG, Command +30



Event Requirements Effect
A New Admiral Choose "innocent" after conquest of UHOS -
What I Like Sortie once, Mirja's Event "Advisor Mirja" -
Sins of the Past Mirja's Event "My Katherine" -
The Invitation Mirja's Event "Share The Love" CG, Command +30


Event Requirements Effect
Advisor Mirja Katherine's Event "A new Admiral" -
Autoevent Previous Event Done Tanaka Raizou Command +30
My Katherine Katherine's Event "What I Like" -
Share the Love Katherine's Event "Sins of the Past" -
Happy Mirja Katherine's Event " The Invitation" Command + 30

Mir GoepeEdit

Event Requirements Effect
A New Family Choose "innocent" after conquest of UHOS -
My Children Sortie Once - Careful! Goepe is going to face a battle alone -
Day of Promise 3 to 4 sorties? HCG, Command + 30

Lydia RokossovskyEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Lydia's sins Lydia destroyed and captured Lydia recruited
Borscht friends Sortie once -
Like a manager Previous event done -
Bathe together Previous event done HCG, Command points +30

Unagi BanraEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
The redesign Unagi banra captured Unagi banra recruited
Slight modifications Sortie once -
Big boobs Previous event done -
Under the apron Previous event done HCG, Command points +30

Quattro akoEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Back in service

Quattro ako freed from PoW camp

Quattro ako recruited
The revenant Previous event done -
New bonds Previous event done Command points +30

Juzan ZhukovEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
For the homeland Juzan Zhukov captured Juzan Zhukov recruited
Watching japan Sortie once -
Remnants Defeat UHOS Command points +30
The former mentor Recruit lolikov banra -

General Winter SnowEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Sensitive to heat Jack frost snow captured General Winter Snow recruited
Without a clue Sortie once -
Shikoku desires Previous event done HCG
Into the Shadow Togo stationed in hot African stars HCG, Command points +30


Event Name Requirements Effect
About katherine Mallon captured Mallon recruited
Japanese culture sortie once -
Watching the stars Previous event done -
Way too drunk! Previous event done Command points +30

Lolikov BanraEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Amazing Katherine Recruit Katherin Lolikov banra recruited
About dr. Hiraga Previous event done -
About maki-chan Previous event done -
About boobies Previous event done -
About sluts Previous event done, Hanitora in fleet -
Size doesn't matter

Previous event done,

Unagi Banra's Events "Under the apron",

Ryuuko Banra's Events "A smooth criminal"

CG, Command points +30

Ryuuko BanraEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

Final auto event when UHOS tries to take over Japan internally

Ryuuko banra recruited
Let's play together Sortie Once -
Mr.Impetient Previous event done -
A smooth criminal Previous event done HCG, Command point +30

Yuan TeikokuEdit

Coyote MararuEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
I miss Hearn Coyote captured in mongolia Coyote Mararu Joins
Still a virgin 1 battle phase with Tougou -
A swift horse Previous Event Done Tanaka Raizou's command points +30
Stay with me Previous Event Done -
This means a lot Previous Event Done HCG, Command points +30



Event Name Requirements Effect
Arrival of a legend Destruction of entire pirate fleet -
Rape and torture Previous Event Done HCG, Alfhild joins fleet
Not satisfied yet Previous Event Done -
To conquer space Previous Event Done -
A living legend Previous Event Done -
Legendary love Previous Event Done HCG, Command points +30

Kingdom of EspanaEdit

Rosa EspanaEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Temperament Support Rosa and defeat Felipe Rosa joins
Dinner for two Previous Event Done -
Felipe the macho Previous Event Done -
Passionate love Previous Event Done HCG
Always bet on Rosa Previous Event Done Command points +30

Felipe EspanaEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
- Support Felipe and defeat Rosa -
The ladykiller Previous Event Done Felipe joins
Housewife Rosa Previous Event Done -
Black and red Previous Event Done -
A handsome stranger Previous Event Done -
The climax Previous Event Done Command points +30


Muccilini VeniceEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect

Save the leader

Conquer Itarin

Muccilini Venice joins

Getting it done Sortie Once HCG
Risotto Previous event Command +30
3 Little Piggies Previous event?

Major Otto, Straw, Clay and Brick joins (Itarin generic admirals + Dokutsu generic admiral)

Yuri JuliusEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Itarin Soldier Conquer Itarin Yuri Julius recruited
Damn Pigs Yuri Julius Captured (Ultimate Idol route) Yuri Julius recruited
Friends in Japan Yuri Julius recruited -
Have my Child Sortie Once HCG
I Lied to You Previous Event Done HCG, Command + 30


Charlotte PartheneyEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Resistance Ultimate idol route, rebellion in Madarascal autoevent occured, Japanisation accepted, Charlotte Partheney captured Charlotte Partheney Recruited
Save your efforts! Previous Event Done -
The Uncle Visits Previous Event Done
Autoevent Previous Event Done, Sortie once Command +30, Skill becomes "Brm"
Her First Date Previous Event Done HCG, Command +30
Her First Time Previous Event Done, Paris conquered HCG, Command +30

Hannyland (amazon)Edit

Takeda NozomiEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Like a goddess Amazon conquered -
We need our goddess Hannies events still occuring, Previous event done -
Disqualified Hannies events still occuring, Previous event done HCG
The Hanny fleet Previous event done

(appeared only a few turns later)

Takeda Nozomi recruited
Second thoughts Previous event done -


Do the event "The Contact". After 4 turns, the event "Hire a Mercenary" will become available, allowing you to recuit one the following 2 mercenaries for 100 resources. After about 4 more turns, "Buy a Luxury Ship" event will be available, allowing you to buy the Dark Aegis Ship (120 hp 105 cp 120 radar 90 missile, anti-laser lv2)  for 10,000 resources. 1 turn after that you may recuit the other mercenary you didn't recuit before for 10 resources with the "Attract Mercenaries" event. Mercenaries leave after 10 battles. If their events are not completed by then they leave permanently.

Alps will leave temporarily even if her events are completed. When she leaves the ships she commanded are returned to  the fleet, but when she returns, she appears with the ships she was commanding before she left, thus duplicating them (needs confirmation).


Event Name Requirements Effect
Devotion Visber recruited -
The Receipt Previous Event Done -
Shocking Deposits Previous Event Done -
I got it all Wrong Previous Event Done HCG, Command +30


Event Requirements Effect
Cute Mercenary Alps recruited -
The Letter Previous Event Done -
The Pink Stamp Previous Event Done -
Self Destruction Alps is destoyed in offensive battle 3 times HCG, Command +30


Mell to LadenEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Conquer Turkey Mell joins
Ruler of Soap Previous event done -
A special talent Participate in 3 battles, previous event done -
The universe Previous event done -
Please fuck me Previous event done HCG


Event Name Requirements Effect
Conquer Andromeda before the time limit (15 turns after conquer Indo Curry) -
Gratitude Previous Event Done HCG
Another transmission Previous Event Done BB-GF Gyoppy is added to shipyard

Goddess MicrolitaEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Girl in space Event in Hawaii where gamerican soldiers talk about goddess -
Girl in space again Previous Event Done -
Goddess of Hawaii Previous Event Done -
Who's your daddy Conquer Hawaii -
Escape from paradise Previous Event Done Giga Macro joins
A good advice Previous Event Done -
Stem cell research Previous Event Done HCG, first choice leads to game over

Goron EundoraEdit

Event Name Requirements Effect
Big brother! Captured Goron Eundora -
The Otaku Beast Captured Goron Eundora -
Attack of the Otaku Previous Event Done Goron Eundora recruited
Otaku culture Previous Event Done -
A Concerned Sister Previous Event Done -
My Heroine "Otaku culture" Done -
Harma's birthday Previous Event Done -
A new spell Some sorties H

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