The Third Reich of DokutzEdit

The Third Reich of Dokutz (ドクツ第三帝国 Dokutsu Daisan-Teikoku) is making rapid recovery

Flag of Third Reich of Dokutsu

ever since the downfall of the previous generalissmo. After twenty-two years of turmoil, the nation is running strong under Fancism, which arose in The Republic Empire of Italin two years ago. Currently, the elected leader is Retia Adolf, renown as the universe's top beauty and genius, who completely reformed the nation into its present glory. Her approval rating is 100%, and her current propaganda minister is Grecia Göbbels.


Initiated by The Republic Empire of Italin's Muccilini Venezia who said, "Why not have cute people in charge since politics is the same no matter who is running it?" This authoritarian political system is run by human idolatry—in other words, whoever the nation votes as the top idol becomes the supreme dictator.


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