The Republic Empire of ItarinEdit

The Republic Empire of Itarin (イタリン共和帝国 Itarin Kyōwa-Teikoku) is the nation in which

Flag of Republic Empire of Itarin

the origin of Fancism orginated. A festive fun loving nation led by a carefree leader. After Muccilini has been elected two years ago on a whim, there is a useless barrage of policies just for fun and the military has weakened considerably. Currently all over Japan's Busty Boom.
Black Bikini Party

Policies adopted by Muccilini, a good-looking young woman who became admiral. Her ability to command the fleet went unquestioned, and as a result they are utterly useless on the battlefield.

Family Poruko

Male folk orginated from the Rome star region. Look like very cute pigs. 8% Men are etnic Poruko

Family Iberian

Men folk are very large pigs. 2% Men are Iberian

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