The United Human Organization of SovietEdit

The United Human Organization of Soviet (人類統合組織ソビエト Jinrui-Tōgō-Soshiki Sobieto), abbreviated as the UHOS, 

Flag of UHOS (United Human Organization of Soviet)

revolves around the belief of Sharism (a parody of communism). The nation's formerly ruling monarchy was overthrown by the sharism movement and its leader Katherine who vowed to create an equal society for the people. Now, self-appointed Supreme Chairwoman Katherine and her handpicked government are forging the country into a vessel to spread sharism across the world. Incidentally, not many are aware (alongside her only friend, Mirja) that young Katherine is still attending school.


Devised in large by Katherine, the doctrine of Sharism dictates that everyone must share everything they own. "Rich" and "poor" no longer exist because everything must be shared equally. Sharism also preaches that greed is the source of all evil which must be eradicated to achieve a peaceful and equal community. The newly created national textbook of education is fashioned around these principles, and all citizens are to read and recite from it daily.


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