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Members of the Dark Wings chasing after Kanami Kentou.

Dark Wings
yami no tsubasa

The Dark Wings are a special brigade working for Helman, mainly in charge of missions like reconnaissance, sabotage and, above all, assassinations.

They are not attached to any Army, only following orders from the Council of Eight or the Royal Family. Despite this, they might not be the most loyal group, being closer to mercenaries and accepting missions depending on the circumstances.

Their members all use codenames of birds, without revealing their real ones to anyone, and they are trained in different areas. The Dark Crows are skilled at close-combat whereas the Dark Ducks are profficient snipers. 

The leader of the group is Dark Swan, whose real name is Freya Idun, an incredible assassin willing to go to any means to complete her mission. She commands her own unit, but also has leadership over the other units like the Dark Crows. 

The group first made formal appearance in Rance IX during the Helman Revolution, but it had been mentioned before by Patton, who had been attacked a few times by its members, who were sent by Stessel in an attempt to kill him when he found out the prince still lived.

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