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Demekin loaded. Target locked.
Demekin Tamer
Japanese 出目金使い
Romanization Demekin tsukai
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Strength ☆☆☆
Appeared in Dungeons & Dolls, Rance 5D, Rance VI, Shinyaku Toushin Toshi}}


The Demekin Tamer is a type of Monster that belongs to the class of Gal Monsters, being a higher and more powerful version of the regular Goldfish Tamer. It is believed that these are actually mutations of the regular Goldfish Tamers, born only under special circumstances and environments.

In appearance, they have a short purple hair parted into two buns on either side of their heads, and wear a white clothing with a cape and purple thigh high socks. Their most notorious trait is the huge weapon they carry, something that resembles a rocket-launcher with the word "Demekin" written in yellow letters on it. They are never seen without carrying this weapon, and they are often accompanied by their companions the Demekin.

Similar to their weaker cousins, they specialise in training and using Goldfish for combat, but unlike the regular Goldfish Tamer, these use the more powerful and deadlier Demekin instead. These Goldfish are stronger and faster, making them harder to tame and use, but these uniquely rare type of Gal Monster possesses a natural instict that allows them to naturally make use of them. Despite their similar tecnique of using Goldfish for combat, instead of just commanding them and leading their performance in combat, they are notoriously different as they instead wield something that resembles a Bazooka. These weapon fires no rockets however, but the Demekin themselves, greatly increasing the power and damage. Their Goldfish don't fight directly, and only serve as "ammunition" for the Demekin Tamer, granting her a tremendous combat potential that vastly surpasses that of the average Goldfish Tamer. They have affinity towards the element of water, granting them resistance against fire magic as a result.


  • "Demekin", the word spelled in their Bazooka, is the romanization for 出目金 which literally means "Pop-eyed Gold[fish]", but actually refers to the Telescope goldfish.